Morgellons Is Not Psychosomatic Illness

Morgellons is not Psychosomatic in nature, yet many healthcare providers choose to approach treating it this way. It’s difficult to imagine in the 21st century, and after multiple studies that demonstrate an infectious etiology, Morgellons patients would be consigned to psychiatric treatment. You may have heard the phrase, “Morgellons is a variant of Ekbom Syndrome”. To be certain, exhaustive research has clearly demonstrated that Morgellons is not a psychosomatic illness. Morgellons patients are in fact experiencing fibers under their skin – regardless of how strange that might seem. So how does a situation like this, where the substantiating research is blatantly ignored, happen?

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Morgellons Test Is Fool Proof

To begin with, have you ever heard that you can tell if a person has Morgellons or not by having them swish wine around in their mouth and spitting it into a bowl? Is it factual or fictional? Will the Red Wine Test determine if someone has Morgellons, or not? You and your doctor should be able to save time by avoiding the dead-ends discussed in this short article.

Why Not The Spit Test?

Initially, some people on the internet proposed the “red wine spit test” as a method of eliciting Morgellons. While this test might reveal evidence of oral biofilms in the mouth, the red wine spit test does not demonstrate if filaments are embedded in skin tissue. Morgellons is a skin condition, and the associated filaments do not appear in teeth. For this reason, the red wine spit test will not demonstrate if someone is actually afflicted with Morgellons or not.

Since the spit test is not accurate, what is the Gold Standard Morgellons Test in 2021?

Accurate Testing

In reality, the characteristic subsurface fibers define Morgellons. The fibers themselves are distinguishable, and always much smaller than a human hair from on top of the head.

Knowing what these fibers look like, where do we look for them and what do we use? The Fool Proof Morgellons Test Method will have us looking directly in lesions. Although Morgellons patients can be asymptomatic, usually Morgellons becomes problematic during times when ulcerations are present.

For the purpose of looking for fibers, here is a how-to guide for photographing Morgellons fibers.

Subsurface Fibers

Notice that in the following videos you can see the fibers are obviously growing from under the surface of the skin. At times you will see the gleam of the light passing above fibers, demonstrating they are under the skin.

Also, in this video you can again see how the subsurface fibers are revealed with this simple and accurate Morgellons Test.

Here’s a guide on how to photograph Morgellons which may help. For certain, the red wine Morgellons test is not an effective way to rule out or diagnose Morgellons disease.

Tested Positive, What’s Next?

Above all, recent research has allowed us to better understand Morgellons. Watch the following conference presentation, Morgellons Demystified to learn more about what we now know.

Finally, finding a good doctor who hasn’t been dissuaded from treating Morgellons is a bit of a process. Additionally, one of the best resources to aid in your healing journey is Dr. Ginger Savely’s “Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease“. The information contained in this book allows for a better understanding of the facts versus misinformation. Indeed, at just under ten dollars for the Kindle version, how could you afford not to own such a valuable resource?

Listen below to an audio excerpt from that Dr. Ginger Savely’s “Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease”.

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Morgellons Treatment, How to Interview Doctors

This is the story of how I learned how to interview doctors for Morgellons treatment. Two questions I get often as a Morgellons patient is where do I live and what is my doctor’s name. The truth is my doctor is limited to what he can accomplish for Morgellons because of a lack of necessary and modern tools to combat the horrid disease. What he does do however is not refer me to a psychiatrist and actually, pays attention to the peer-reviewed literature. Continue reading “Morgellons Treatment, How to Interview Doctors”

Morgellons Doctor Resources

To begin with, life can be frustrating without a Morgellons doctor on your team. Not knowing what medicine to take or how well it’s working is one benefit you’ll miss without a doctors expertise. Though it may seem like no doctors know how to treat Morgellons, the fact is more are learning about the condition every day. This article will help you find a knowledgeable physician in your battle against Morgellons.

Don’t Go In Alone

Many patients reject the notion of seeing a doctor after several bad experiences. But the fact is, things have gotten better recently! Now that we have a good idea of what Morgellons is, more and more doctors are starting to learn how to treat it.

Lyme Disease Training

Indeed, it’s often the doctors we currently see and trust that will benefit the most from the ILADEF PHYSICIAN TRAINING PROGRAM. ILADS has developed a foundation of understanding through years of experience. With their training materials, you current physician can become knowledgeable about the complex of tick borne infections and the current methods of treating them.

Lyme Doctor Referral

Do you want to see a doctor already practicing the ILADS guidelines? Fill out this form to get an email containing a list of ILADS certified physicians in a close radius. Global Lyme Alliance also provides a form for patients to find Lyme literate physicians close-by. Be aware that many Lyme and Morgellons patients travel great distances to see a good doctor they can trust for a positive experience.

Financial Assistance

Affording responsible treatment can be difficult, especially without health insurance or with an insurer who will not cover the costs. Fortunately, financial assistance is available for those suffering with Lyme disease. Financial Assistance – Global Lyme Alliance

Morgellons Doctor

Several doctors and scientists researching Morgellons work directly with the ILADS organization. Because of this, Morgellons patients will likely have access to the latest information and study results. It is always recommended to have a trained physician on your team rather than fighting alone. Hopefully, this information will help you build the team you need to succeed in your fight against Morgellons.

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