Media Personality Alana Jordan Goes Public About Her Morgellons Experience

Alana Jordan Morgellons

On the night of November 8th, 2021, media personality Alana Jordan went public about her personal experience with Morgellons Disease and associated stigma. The hour and a half long live-stream on Twitch was accompanied by insightful questions from a sympathetic audience. Jordan was diagnosed with Morgellons by a medical physician and received a positive reaction on a Lyme disease test.

Alana Jordan was born on May 17, 1987 in Alabama, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for Herlock, The Blind Side and Missing Pieces.

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Marginalized Patient Experience

During the livestream Miss Jordan explained how Morgellons is not well researched, barely understood, and highly stigmatized. In fact, she goes on to describe a horrific experience at the emergency room when she was in severe pain, especially frightened, and highly fatigued. Jordan’s experience, like so many other patients with Morgellons, was initially marginalized.

By going public with her diagnosis Alana Jordan hopes to dispel the myth that Morgellons is a psychosomatic delusional state, and stress the importance of physicians and family to take this disease seriously. In fact, Jordan herself explains that it was only recently that she learned Morgellons disease is real. This demonstrates how much work Morgellons patients have ahead towards gaining general recognition of this contested illness.

Alana Jordan Discusses Morgellons

To learn more about Morgellons, please consider this free online course that teaches the basics while providing resources towards patient care.

Morgellons News That Made This Summer Great!

Morgellons news can result in strong emotions. Typically the story is the same – Morgellons patients are delusional. The past several weeks however have arrived on the wings of change towards a final rendezvous with destiny. In this article we look at the top three online articles which had the greatest impact towards legitimizing Morgellons Disease!

Dermatology Advisor – Lyme Disease May Be Associated With Genital Lesions and Morgellons Disease

This article is especially important as the relationship with Morgellons patients and Professional Dermatologists has become damaged since the Unexplained Dermopathy was introduced. Patients complaining of artifacts and threads coming out of their skin had historically been regarded and treated as mentally ill. However, perhaps the historical approach had missed evidence which modern science can now elicit?

Dermatology Advisor is a publication under Haymarket Media, which produces authoritative publications and services for healthcare professionals including Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR)Cancer Therapy AdvisorOncology Nurse AdvisorThe Clinical AdvisorRenal and Urology NewsEndocrinology AdvisorNeurology AdvisorPsychiatry AdvisorInfectious Disease AdvisorThe Medical BagRheumatology AdvisorThe Cardiology AdvisorClinical Pain Advisor, and Pulmonology Advisor.

Medscape – Exploring the Association Between Morgellons Disease and Lyme Disease

Whoa – well if this didn’t knock your socks off you may not be aware of just how influential Medscape is in the medical industry. Having this Morgellons research paper syndicated through Medscape is a major step towards the goal of having MD widely accepted.

Medscape is the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medical news and expert perspectives; essential point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME.

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Reuters – Fact Check-Face masks do not contain nanoparticle ‘Morgellons’ parasites

Don’t you hate it when some new trendy conspiracy comes along and they somehow rope ‘Morgellons’ in with it? So does Reuters, and that’s why they were sure to include a link to “History of Morgellons disease: from delusion to definition” by Marianne Middelveen in their article debunking the claims that face masks contain nanoparticle ‘Morgellons’ parasites.

Reuters is a global news agency that was founded nearly 170 years ago. Our journalists work all over the world and are guided by the Trust Principles, which state that Reuters must report the news with integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.

About Reuters Fact Check

Future Morgellons News Articles

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As always, you can count on Morgellons Survey to deliver the highest caliber of Morgellons related news and updates!

Various Morgellons Petitions to the CDC Request Acknowledgement

Why should you sign a Morgellons petition? Above all, Morgellons patients endure many hardships trying to manage their strange skin condition. Firstly, being covered in oozing sores results in a low quality of life. Additionally, there is undue stigma surrounding Morgellons. But the fact is, signing a petition can make a big difference towards improving patients lives! In that regard, the following various petitions to the CDC ask for official acknowledgment of the research that legitimizes the condition.

Morgellons Petition

Almost a decade has passed since the CDC’s investigation of an Unexplained Dermopathy, also known as Morgellons Disease. Since that time a volume of contemporary research has demonstrated Morgellons is associated with an infectious process.

We want the CDC to acknowledge this research so that physicians are more comfortable treating patients who have Morgellons and also ruling out the condition in patients who do not.

Why is this important?

Many doctors do not understand there is a real Morgellons condition as opposed to the state of the patient mistakingly believing they have Morgellons. Doctors should understand what Morgellons is, rule it out in the patients who mistakingly believe they have it, and treat actual Morgellons patients according to the latest science.

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Hallelujah, It’s Raining Science!

The Charles Holman Foundation continues its generosity by releasing both the 11th and 10th annual Morgellons conference media free on YouTube! Through these scientific presentations Morgellons is demystified, and it becomes clear that these patients need much better care.

11th Annual Morgellons Conference

  1. Diagnosing Morgellons Disease: Ginger Savely, DNP
  2. Diagnostic, Testing and Treatment Approaches: Carsten Nicolaus, MD, PhD
  3. Environmental Toxins & Morgellons Disease: Eboni Cornish, MD
  4. The Truth About Fake News: Ronald Wilson, MD
  5. Morgellons: Is it Delusional? Marianne Middelveen, MDSC
  6. Morgellons: Is it Infection? Marianne Middelveen, MDSC
  7. Multiple Bacterial Species Co-Localized Exclusively to Active Lesions: Randy S. Wymore, PhD
  8. Evidence of Bacterial Co-Infections in Morgellons & Lyme Patients: Julie Lewis, MDSC, PhD Candidate
  9. Suicide and Morgellons Diseases: Robert C. Bransfield, MD, DLFAPA
  10. Healing from Morgellons Disease: Courtney Day, ND
  11. Morgellons Fibers in an 8 year old Golden Retriever: T.J. Dunn, JR, DVM
  12. Patient Perspectives: Never Say Whoa in a Mudhole: Denise Moudree
  13. Q&A: Day 1
  14. Q&A: Day 2

10th Annual Morgellons Conference

  1. Canine Filamentous Dermatitis Associated with Borrelia Infection: Raphael Stricker, MD
  2. Multiple Bacterial Species Present in Active Morgellons Lesions: Randy S. Wymore, PhD
  3. A Critique of the CDC Morgellons Study: Marianne Middleveen, MDES
  4. How to Have a Better Experience at Your Doctor Visit: Steven R. Feldman, MD
  5. Morgellons Disease Testing and Diagnosis: Melissa C. Fesler, FNP-BC
  6. Morgellons Disease: Conventional. Alternative and Integrative Approaches: Carsten Nicolaus, MD, PhD
  7. Objective Findings in Morgellons Disease: Ginger R. Savely, DNP, Med, FNP-C, CAN
  8. Morgellons and Low Dose Antigen Treatment – Norihito Onishi, D.O.
  9. My Morgellons Experience – Amelia Withington, MD
  10. Applying Functional Medicine in the Treatment of Morgellons Disease – Eboni Cornish, MD
  11. The Neuropsychiatric Assessment when Suspecting Morgellons: Robert C. Bransfield, MD, DLFAPA
  12. Morgellons Disease: What’s Relevant, What Isn’t? Marianne Middleveen, MDES
  13. Q & A – Day 1
  14. Q & A – Day 2

The Charles Holman Foundation Releases 12th Annual Morgellons Conference Presentations For Free On YouTube

Have you ever wondered what happens at a “Morgellons Conference”? The Charles Holman Foundation knows you have and has you covered by releasing its’ 12th annual Morgellons conference presentations for free on YouTube!

  1. My Morgellons Journey and the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation: Cindy Casey Holman
  2. Morgellons Disease: 16 Years on the Front Lines: Ginger R. Savely, DNP, MED, FNP-C, CAN
  3. Morgellons Disease: Testing, Conventional and Alternative/Integrative Treatment: Carsten Nicolaus
  4. Detection of tick-borne infection in Morgellons disease patients: Jyotsna Shah, PHD
  5. Morgellons Demystified: Marianne Middelveen by Melissa C. Fessler, FNP-BC
  6. Morgellons Disease: Reality, Unreality and the Next Steps / Randy S. Wymore, PhD
  7. Morgellons Disease: A Year in Review: Melissa C. Fesler, FNP-BC
  8. Unraveling Complex Clinical Cases: Courtney Day, ND
  9. CEHF 12th Annual Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease Q&A

Chronic Lyme Disease Case Definition

The next time people snicker at the notion you’re vying for attention by feigning chronic illness be sure they are aware of the recent case definition of Chronic Lyme Disease, then inquire if they’ve been screened for possible exposure.

Following the publication of this collaborative effort, patients who develop symptoms in spite of antibiotic therapy, and even those never treated, will have validation of their persistent Borrelia infection. In fact, recent studies have made it crystal clear that Lyme disease infection can persist even after aggressive antibiotic therapy.

Following is the abstract and link to the December 2019 publication titled “Chronic Lyme Disease: An Evidence-Based Definition by the ILADS Working Group†

Objective: Chronic Lyme disease has been a poorly defined term and often dismissed as a fictitious entity. In this paper, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) provides its evidence‐based definition of chronic Lyme disease.

Definition: ILADS defines chronic Lyme disease (CLD) as a multisystem illness with a wide range of symptoms and/or signs that are either continuously or intermittently present for a minimum of six months. The illness is the result of an active and ongoing infection by any of several pathogenic members of the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato complex (Bbsl). The infection has variable latency periods and signs and symptoms may wax, wane and migrate. CLD has two subcategories, CLD, untreated (CLD‐U) and CLD, previously treated (CLD‐PT). The latter requires that CLD manifestations persist or recur following treatment and are present continuously or in a relapsing/remitting pattern for a duration of six months or more.

Methods: Systematic review of over 250 peer reviewed papers in the international literature to characterize the clinical spectrum of CLD‐U and CLD‐PT.

Conclusion: This evidence‐based definition of chronic Lyme disease clarifies the term’s meaning and the literature review validates that chronic and ongoing Bbsl infections can result in chronic disease. Use of this CLD definition will promote a better understanding of the infection and facilitate future research of this infection.

The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation Announces World Premier of the Movie “Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons.”

The documentary Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons will celebrate its World Premiere on October 5th at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles. Skin Deep was directed by Emmy-winning editor and filmmaker Pi Ware. The film investigates the fierce controversy surrounding the disease known as Morgellons.

Morgellons disease symptoms include fatigue, slow-healing lesions, GI disturbances, and—most notably —fibers growing from patients’ skin. Morgellons became controversial when a large portion of the medical industry declared those symptoms to be nothing more than products of delusional minds. Joni Mitchell may be the most famous of the victims of Morgellons disease, but there are tens of thousands of people who currently suffer. Multiple studies put the estimate at 18,000 new cases a year.

Recent peer-reviewed scientific evidence that links Morgellons to Lyme disease has proven that the source of the suffering is biological–likely a bacteria named borrelia–suggesting that there may be another delusion at play here: the denial of the science, symptoms and suffering of Morgellons patients.

Skin Deep began filming in the spring of 2015. The film follows several Morgellons patients and physicians who treat them—using antibiotics or anti-psychotics depending on the doctor’s belief system. The film focuses on the battle between a nurse (Cindy Casey-Holman) who is convinced she has a biologically-based disease and a skeptical dermatologist (Dr. Steven Feldman) who favors psychiatric diagnoses. The film climaxes in a showdown at the Morgellons Conference in Austin, Texas, where bridges between doctors and patients will either be built… or burned.

While Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons gives voice to both sides of the debate, the film focuses on the new science and the need for empathy for those patients mercilessly caught between doubt and a lengthy scientific process. Says director Pi Ware, “With many new diseases, there is a period of time before the science of the disease is widely accepted, a time when doctors say, ‘What you’re suggesting goes against what I learned in medical school,’ a time when patients are vulnerable to the prejudice and arrogance of otherwise well-meaning physicians.” Medical history is filled with similar examples: from ulcers (once believed to be caused by stress, now proven to be caused by bacteria) to Multiple Sclerosis (often blamed on “hysteria” until CAT scans were invented) to lupus (over 50% of all lupus patients have been told their symptoms are “all in their head”). Adds Ware, “There exists a period of time when the victims of a disease are ‘blamed’ for their disease, and the resulting shame, confusion and anger doubles their suffering. Morgellons patients are living in that time right now.”

View the Trailer for the film at

World Premiere tickets on sale now at

Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons; writer/director, Pi Ware; produced by Lev Mergian, Laura Stoddard, Gary Leva, Patrick Belton, Pi Ware; directors of photography, Sam Price-Waldman, Alex Naufel, Jacob Pinger, PJ Raval; music, Andrew Gross; executive producers, Denise and Jerry James; co- producers, Shelby Hadden, Sydney Niemerow; editors, Tom Putnam, Pi Ware.
Contact: morgellonsdoc(at)icloud(dot)com
What: Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons at Awareness Film Festival When: Saturday October 5, 2019, 2pm
Where: Regal Cinemas LA Live, 1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

About the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation:
The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation, based in Austin, TX, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization committed to advocacy and philanthropy in the battle against Morgellons disease. Director, Cindy Casey-Holman, RN, leads the foundation, named for her husband, Charles E. Holman, a pioneer in the fight against Morgellons disease. Currently, there is no public funding and very limited private funding to support research for this disease, and the CEHMDF is the recognized authority and primary funding source for Morgellons disease medical/scientific research. Donations are tax-deductible​ in the US. To learn more about Morgellons disease go to:
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