How to Find a Lyme Disease Doctor

It can be frightening navigating through the world of Morgellons Disease, and frustrating without a knowledgeable physician on your team. This article will assist in helping you find a Lyme Disease Doctor to aid in your battle against Morgellons.

Lyme Disease Training

If you like your current doctor then there is training you can suggest that will benefit their understanding of Morgellons. It’s often the doctors we currently see and trust that will benefit the most from the ILADEF PHYSICIAN TRAINING PROGRAM, partially because they have developed a foundation of understanding through years of experience.

Lyme Doctor Referral

Suppose you want to see a doctor already practicing by ILADS guidelines? Filling out this brief form will produce an email containing a list of ILADS physicians in a close radius: Be aware that many Lyme and Morgellons patients travel great distances to see a good doctor they can trust for a positive experience.

Morgellons Disease Doctors

Because several doctors and scientists researching Morgellons work directly with the ILADS organization, Morgellons patients will likely have access to the latest information and study results. It is always recommended to have a trained physician on your team rather than fighting alone. Hopefully, this information will help you build the team you need to succeed in your fight against Morgellons Disease.

4 thoughts on “How to Find a Lyme Disease Doctor”

  1. Hey- my doc is on the ILADS list. I still get the feeling that he’s still riding the profit wave, though he does accept insurance plans- we all know how useful those are now. He uses muscle testing, rather than lab testing, proclaims that he ‘cures’ all his Lyme patients, based on his testing. Well, with Lyme, there IS no accurate test. And with morgellons? Only the fibers embedded, he doesn’t look for them, or offer treatment beyond what I do myself. He also passes his patients down the ladder of docs in his office, I always get a new one. A mutual friend who has used this office was not satisfied, either. So, then what? I feel currently like I don’t have a doc. And, I am flared up. I just don’t go…

  2. ILADS has only just recently become the exclusive treatment guidelines on the national guideline clearinghouse website.

    It’s going to take time to both develop better tests and drugs, but also a firm process for treating this disease. To be honest it’s hard for any doctor to treat this disease without any assurance against liability. There is not standard of care besides psychiatric referral. Until more research is achieved, and new drugs and tests are invented – we just have to make do with the tools we got.

    Great question Jennifer! Very provoking.

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