Morgellons Biofilm Confirmed by Carnicom Institute

Morgellons Biofilm Confirmed by Carnicom Institute

Morgellons Biofilm

In a study titled “Morgellons : Biofilm Production“, Carnicom Institute has successfully extracted biofilm structures from Morgellons patients. Morgellons biofilm is likely the root cause of Morgellons pathology. From the study:

In addition, the composition of the materials as biofilm has been confirmed by chemical analysis, in addition to the visual and physical properties.  The biofilm is known to be composed of both polysaccharides and amines; these are each hallmark components of biofilm composition.

The confirmation of biofilms in association with Morgellons Disease is extremely important as to not undermine the role of chronic bacterial infections. If left untreated, these bacteria can destroy organs and eventually cause death.

What Is Biofilm?

The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation has produced an excellent film entitled, “Why Am I Still Sick?” which breaks down exactly what biofilms are. After viewing the documentary we walked away with a fresh outlook on what Morgellons Disease is actually.

Understanding Morgellons biofilm is crucial in getting a handle on treating the condition. We’ve written several articles detailing how opportunists will capitalize on the ignorance surrounding the facts of Morgellons Disease.

How are Biofilms Treated?

In a nutshell – research. Biofilms are currently as of yet well understood by the medical profession at large. Even more disturbing are reports that some medical professionals doubt the existence of biofilms despite overwhelming scientific evidence. This falls back on the fact that if it’s not establishment most doctors will ignore. That tunnel vision has perpetuated the current state of angst among Morgellons patients.

This new study from the Carnicom Institute brings Morgellons patients one step closer into the realm of being universally accepted in the medical profession, and in some cases once again accepted by their friends and families.

To contribute towards Carnicom Intitute’s efforts of understanding Morgellons biofilm, please support them through their website.

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