New Study Inspects The Genital and Dermatological Manifestations of Lyme Disease and Morgellons

A new research paper titled Dermatological and Genital Manifestations of Lyme Disease Including Morgellons Disease was published today and it produces several points of interest.

  • Case study of a 49-year-old female with erosive genital lesions.
  • Molecular testing confirmed the presence of Borrelia bacteria.
  • Extra and Intracellular organisms were elicited.
  • Borrelia bacteria were cultured from vaginal and serum specimens.
  • Morgellons fibers observed in localized rashes.
  • Relapsing Fever antibody stains were reactive but could not determine species.
  • The patient experienced a relapse of symptoms upon cessation of antibiotic therapy.
  • Biofilm aggregates observed to have gram-positive cocci surrounding a Borrelial core.
  • The patients’ condition was determined as Class IV, Stage C Morgellons.

This paper brings to light several fascinating facts which should result in more careful scrutiny of potentially infectious patients. Primarily, the realities of poly-microbial colonization are readily apparent. The paradigm of “one-patient, one-disease” is demonstrably obsolete. If a patient is managing a variety of spirochetal organisms then the potential for treatment-resistant persistence is magnified.

Learn more about the Morgellons Disease condition by reviewing these scientific conference presentation replays included in the playlist below.

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