#1 Rated Advanced Blend 5-MTHF BPLEX PRO|1500mcg Patented Quatrefolic*|B12 Methyl with Intrinsic Factor for Maximum Absorption|B1,B2,B4,B5,B6,B7+BCAA|60 Veggie Capsules|Made in USA!


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  • NOW AVAILABLE WITH ORGANIC NUFLOW CAPSULES! BPLEX PRO is the most advanced MTHFR formula on the market. Each capsule contains the clinically recommended dosage of 1500mcg of Quatrefolic and a highly advanced intrinsic factor that greatly improves B12 uptake in the gut (It is critical that intrinsic factor be present because most mthfr patients have absorption issues). BPlex PRO also contains BranchChain Amino Acids that help to detoxify the body through the Methyl pathways Two Month Supply!.
  • Prior to Amazon, BPLEX PRO was primarily sold in wellness and healthcare clinics that specificlly treat patients with MTHFR mutations. BPLEX PRO significantly improves symptoms associated with MTHFR and can drastically improve quality of life. At 1500mcg of quatrefolic (folate) per capsule, BPLEX PRO delivers exactly what MTHFR patients need.
  • The combination of Branch Chain Amino Acids that you will not find in any other MTHFR formula play a key role in detoxifying the body. These Amino Acids are critical in improving overall well being. The Intrinsic Factor that we include in our formula is beneficial to success. Recent studies have shown that roughly 85% of MTHFR patients also suffer from some form of GI disorder. Which impairs the absorption of nutrients.
  • Full 60-Day money back guarantee on all purchases! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our supplements, simply email Amazon and we will take care of return and refund instructions.
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility (IN THE USA) under very strict guidelines. We stand behind our quality ingredients and firmly believe that this is the best product on the market! Our synergistic blend of ingredients has been shown to significantly improve symptoms associated with MTHFR.
BPlex-Pro is a Methylated B complex/ patented folate blend with the necessary Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), synergistic natural detoxifiers, and Intrinsic Factor to ensure proper nutrient uptake from the gut. Our complete MTHFR formula works to unblock the methylization log jam that patients will experience when they carry the mutation. Our goal is to provide unique blends of natural ingredients, using all necessary enzymes, coenzymes, and co-factors for proper absorption and efficacy. This helps us achieve our goal in giving full benefit of our products while avoiding any unnecessary side effects. Our managing members include medical physicians and pharmaceuticals specialists that have been front and center in the health care field for over 30 years. This gives us a unique advantage in understanding the dynamics and needs within the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical marketplace. The production facility and equipment used, meet the highest standards set by the FDA (and a cGMP certified vitamin and supplement manufacturer to boot!) so customers can trust us to produce safe and effective products for consumers. Our products are made here in the USA. The human body is composed of more than 65% of water and any active ingredient, to be adsorbed, must be present in the form of solution at the site of absorption. High water solubility of Quatrefolic®, 100 times more than the calcium salt derivative, is extremely important because the product may be better absorbed by mucosal cells which may facilitate access to the blood and circulation with the potential for improved bioavailability. The extremely higher water solubility of Quatrefolic® is derived from two specific characteristics of the ingredient: the glucosamine salifying agent and the amorphous chemical structure of the product. Our capsules are organic (Organic NuFlow) and vegetable based!

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