Naturals & Rife for Lyme & Company Spooky 2 THE MISSING LINK: My Story A Protocol for All Revised 9-10-2015 (THE SIMPLE BASICS of HEALING ALL – SPOOKY 2 Book 3)


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MY STORY is written from a perspective of the CHRONIC LYME victim. I totally understand the cognitive issues that come with long term exposure to these parasites. Finding myself broke, disabled, sick, no health care or insurance and a total absence of any knowledge of the severity and consequences of Lyme and it’s Co-infections. MY STORY is an accumulation of the very best NATURALS and RIFE SETTINGS that gave me the greatest advantage as far as affordability and effectiveness to battle my way back to a symptom free state in a relatively very short period of time. Included are my favorite frequencies that I found worked the best for me. I’ve also added an introduction to Spooky 2, my favorite Rife machine by far to date. You might say Lyme on a Dime in short. I will tell of the the herbs, the vitamins, various forms of detoxing, and a quick start on using the SPOOKY 2 the way I did and do. I’ve added a few basic screen shots to help explain the settings I use. The same frequency information would be basic for most all Rife Machines. The book contains many Links and You-Tube videos that I feel explain my choices made during my ordeal with this disease and all it entails. While the video’s are a bit long I feel it is very important to the understanding of Lyme and disease in general. I found that just killing the parasites does not bring health. Restoring our immune system does. This is were I discovered the GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION. This is not understood by so many, along with the most commonly overlooked. I’ve also compiled a more comprehensive PROTOCOL, including The Missing Link, that with luck will cover many more issues than Lyme and Company. It is becoming clear to me cynobacteria and algae are a huge problem. It seems quite possible that the pathogen alone is not harmful. Only by it’s relationship with algae-fungus-mold etc thru Symbiosis is what we are really dealing with. I’ve added more information towards and including THE MISSING LINK section of the book. I’m quite sure the information given will bring much healing your way. Instead of a ten thousand page, big word filled, boring book my goal is to give you a condensed version that touches on the very things I did and would do should I have to go thru Lyme again. I’ve choose an E-BOOK as the only way to tell MY STORY as I lived and learned it. An E-Book enables me to add some of most important, IMHO, Links, Video’s, Lending and the Audio Version as even reading can be a terrible challenge with this disease. I’m no DOCTOR and not giving medical ADVICE. This is simply my account of how I overcame each of these PATHOGENS. Maybe someday this will all be FDA approved but until that time comes I pray you take your health into your own hands, research all things and question all. I have set the price of this information in the hopes of being able to donate part of the proceeds to those in dire straights. More information can be had at Naturals For Lyme and Company a FaceBook site.
I wish you well.

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