Media Personality Alana Jordan Goes Public About Her Morgellons Experience

Alana Jordan Morgellons

On the night of November 8th, 2021, media personality Alana Jordan went public about her personal experience with Morgellons Disease and associated stigma. The hour and a half long live-stream on Twitch was accompanied by insightful questions from a sympathetic audience. Jordan was diagnosed with Morgellons by a medical physician and received a positive reaction on a Lyme disease test.

Alana Jordan was born on May 17, 1987 in Alabama, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for Herlock, The Blind Side and Missing Pieces.

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Marginalized Patient Experience

During the livestream Miss Jordan explained how Morgellons is not well researched, barely understood, and highly stigmatized. In fact, she goes on to describe a horrific experience at the emergency room when she was in severe pain, especially frightened, and highly fatigued. Jordan’s experience, like so many other patients with Morgellons, was initially marginalized.

By going public with her diagnosis Alana Jordan hopes to dispel the myth that Morgellons is a psychosomatic delusional state, and stress the importance of physicians and family to take this disease seriously. In fact, Jordan herself explains that it was only recently that she learned Morgellons disease is real. This demonstrates how much work Morgellons patients have ahead towards gaining general recognition of this contested illness.

Alana Jordan Discusses Morgellons

To learn more about Morgellons, please consider this free online course that teaches the basics while providing resources towards patient care.

Free Online Morgellons Course Now Available

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the scientific knowledge of the Unexplained Dermopathy, this free online Morgellons course ticks off every check box for what a real learning experience should be! Through careful selection of media and research, this class accomplishes its’ main objective of educating participants about the basic facts of Morgellons Disease.

  • What is Morgellons (how to identify Morgellons in images)
  • What isn’t Morgellons (examples of images that are mislabeled as Morgellons)
  • What pathogens are associated with Morgellons
  • Why is there a controversy surrounding Morgellons
  • What treatment options are available for Morgellons patients
  • How to advocate for better care and earlier diagnosis of Morgellons patients

All of these are explored and there is even a certificate at the end for 100% completion! Check into the link below and let us know if you participated in the “Introduction to Morgellons” online course.

The New Morgellons Movement (

New Antibiotic Could Rid Earth Of Lyme Disease and Chronic Syphilis For Good

A potential new antibiotic is making headlines this week as it harbors the promise to eradicate spirochetal disease, not only in people, but in animals as well. The upside? It doesn’t negatively affect native microbiomes.

History of Hygromycin

Hygromycin A was previously studied as an agent against swine dysentery in the 1980s.

Hygromycin, epihygromycin and a mixture thereof have potent inhibitory activity against Treponema hyodysenteriae and are useful for treatment of swine dysentery.

Use of hygromycin and epihygromycin in the treatment of swine dysentery – Patent EP-0213692-B1 – PubChem (

Better Vaccines

Because Hygromycin is so ineffective at killing other species of bacteria, it was employed in vaccine research for both existing and emerging diseases. The Hygromycin resistance marker has evolved into a common tool of the researchers available resources.

The hygromycin resistance vector was used to overexpress superoxide dismutase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in M. vaccae in a form suitable for detailed structural analysis. The potential use of this approach for generation of novel recombinant mycobacterial vaccines is discussed.

Transformation of mycobacterial species using hygromycin resistance as selectable marker | Microbiology Society (

Best For Syphilis?

The latest research demonstrates that Hygromycin A may have best success against syphilis, an exciting prospect considering the resurgence in contemporary times.

“In our study, we find that hygromycin A has the highest activity against Treponema pallidum, the causative agent of syphilis, with a MIC of 0.03 μg/mL.”

Human Trials

FlightPath, an American company, has filed for permission to begin human trials of Hygromycin-A in people. If information about public participation of a drug trial for this exciting new antibiotic surfaces, we’ll notify you through our social media outlets. For certain, today is an exciting day for chronic Lyme disease patients – and potentially even goats!

What The AIDS Movement Of The 1980’s Can Teach Morgellons Patients

Lessons from The AIDS Movement of the 1980’s for Morgellons patients. There’s a broad difference between being a troll and speaking to facts that people often don’t want to discuss. The true craft of debate is not taking your opinions personally so that they become impeding principles. You can lose many friends along the way by failing to realize that your opinions, though likely supported by facts, might not be applicable for every situation. Being able to understand why someone is especially dedicated to an ideal is the first step towards rationalizing with them about your point of view.

Tactical Approach

Pride and lack of perception regarding how individuals in social circles feel about their own opinions can result in disregard at best and hurt feelings at worst. What kind of an ego for a political position do you have to maintain to alienate friends made over 40 years? Is it worth it when the principles no longer matter and circumstances evolve?

Dealing with Morgellons there are critics on both sides of the fence. Those who refuse to acknowledge the science about what Morgellons is (An Association Between Morgellons Disease and Lyme Disease? ( because that would mean having to face the responsibility of being previously wrong about the skin conditions existence as well as the common, stigmatized, and prevalent bacterial infection associated with it, and those who refuse to acknowledge the science about what Morgellons is because that would mean having to evolve their perspective beyond their subjective experiences. The latter want Morgellons to legitimize their pet cult topic, like chemtrails, GMO transhumanism, vaccines as a causative factor, aliens, and many other sensational ideas.

The publication of the 2012, inconclusive, CDC study that “DISCLAIMER: The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kaiser Permanente or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.” (Clinical, Epidemiologic, Histopathologic and Molecular Features of an Unexplained Dermopathy ( has resulted in a lapse in treatment for patients with this rare skin condition and associated bacterial infection. Neither one of those two groups will open up to the science until you begin to understand why they feel as strongly as they do about their opinions regarding MD. You can achieve “conversion” on both sides of the fence by tempering zeal and humoring perspectives. Most importantly you can achieve respect – by showing it.

When Diplomacy Fails

Regarding the first group, for those who humor and respect fail to achieve recognition – it’s time to #ActUp about Lyme disease in your community like activists of the AIDS Movement accomplished in the 1980’s. The CDC reports almost 500,000 Americans each year are diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease (Lyme disease damages people’s mental health and increases suicidal feelings, scientists pledge ( with significant gaps between states. You can probably figure out for yourself, for example, that it doesn’t make much sense for there to be many times more cases of Lyme disease in some states but not others (Use of Commercial Claims Data for Evaluating Trends in Lyme Disease Diagnoses, United States, 2010–2018 – Volume 27, Number 2—February 2021 – Emerging Infectious Diseases journal – CDC). What does make sense is that diagnosis is being suppressed as physicians are directed to consider Lyme endemic only to the NE United States.

Bad patents kill – TAC protest

Community Stigma

What we’ve learned about people’s objections to Lyme disease is that it most often results from a complete lack of understanding about Borreliosis, often they are not competent to discuss the topic. Unfortunately, being blocked over the ideas of chronic Lyme disease, Lyme disease resulting in #MentalIllness, and Morgellons being a real condition associated with Lyme disease is not an uncommon occurrence. Many states stigmatize the topic of Lyme disease by way of not mandating updated training and adhering to outdated information. Not talking about it, being silent about it – these are evidence of a high control environment and not necessarily a free, science based society.

How activists of the AIDS movement addressed this stigma was with strategic, well-planned, and efficiently executed public displays of civil disobedience. Several members of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power assembled protests against Wall Street, the FDA, the CDC, local and regional governments, and even Congress and the President. These efforts, backed by science-based factual information, resulted in better access to care, less-expensive medications, and probably most importantly – more expedient diagnosis and access to responsible treatment.

Moving On

You cannot harbor an infectious process that is demonstrated to alter behavior without being an impediment to your own success, and you can see that infectious process working in half a million new Americans each year. The arguments that you’re fixated on Lyme, that you’re trying to apply your own disease to everyone, and that it would heal up if you stopped focusing on it are all manipulative tactics employed by the community to cover for a medical system which refuses to implement an infrastructure to adequately elicit and treat these hidden infections in a timely manner.

By learning the lessons achieved through the history of the AIDS movement, and paying attention to local efforts like TAC, it’s possible to enact real change through effective community demonstration. There is a purpose and a higher goal towards raising awareness and lobbying for change, even if you’re labeled as a troll by communities who aren’t ready to receive the message about an objective concern that is increasingly likely to indiscriminately affect any one of their members.

Five Year Morgellons Survey Preliminary Results Includes Almost Six Hundred Patients

Morgellons Survey is proud to present preliminary results of its almost five year long scientific survey. The survey will close on December 23, 2021 after five years from initially posting and preceding peer-review. We have removed the 250 entry monthly limit for the next four weeks! If you would like to participate please do so before December 21st and preferably within the next month.

Most preliminary results below are adjusted to remove all multiple entries. If the same email address submitted multiple times only the latest entry is counted. Any requests to remove specific entries have been completed. Unadjusted adds +40 entries with the majority (+36) being double entries (twice).

Morgellons Survey Preliminary Results

Again, the last day to submit your entry for this Morgellons Survey will be December 23 2021. Afterwards this data will be submitted for scientific peer-review and ultimately published in a prestigious scientific journal.

Please consider donating to help us continue towards this effort of scientific legitimization. Your continued support and contributions help keep us online and motivated towards achieving real world results for a serious and often debilitating, contested medical condition.

If you have not participated yet the survey is currently available below.

Turkish Lyme Disease Presentation Includes Information About Morgellons

Morgellons in Turkey is a very real situation. The Holistic Medicine School in Turkey has produced a compelling YouTube video which highlights the evidence that Morgellons is associated with Lyme disease.

Ramadan Webinars Series Webinar 34: Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammation

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Murat Hökelek

Bütüncül Tıp Okulu | Facebook

  • Morgellons disease, so far in a very good way manifested by a number of unspecified symptoms, most of them a disease whose symptom is related to the skin
  • Black, blue, or blue skin of a person with Morgellons disease fibers are produced in red color and these fibers come to the surface and come out many say
  • Many dermatologists treat Morgellons disease as a real and discrete not considered a disease, but rather a delusional parasitosis considered synonymous with (“delusional parasitosis”)
  • Found to be associated with Lyme

Morgellons News That Made This Summer Great!

Morgellons news can result in strong emotions. Typically the story is the same – Morgellons patients are delusional. The past several weeks however have arrived on the wings of change towards a final rendezvous with destiny. In this article we look at the top three online articles which had the greatest impact towards legitimizing Morgellons Disease!

Dermatology Advisor – Lyme Disease May Be Associated With Genital Lesions and Morgellons Disease

This article is especially important as the relationship with Morgellons patients and Professional Dermatologists has become damaged since the Unexplained Dermopathy was introduced. Patients complaining of artifacts and threads coming out of their skin had historically been regarded and treated as mentally ill. However, perhaps the historical approach had missed evidence which modern science can now elicit?

Dermatology Advisor is a publication under Haymarket Media, which produces authoritative publications and services for healthcare professionals including Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR)Cancer Therapy AdvisorOncology Nurse AdvisorThe Clinical AdvisorRenal and Urology NewsEndocrinology AdvisorNeurology AdvisorPsychiatry AdvisorInfectious Disease AdvisorThe Medical BagRheumatology AdvisorThe Cardiology AdvisorClinical Pain Advisor, and Pulmonology Advisor.

Medscape – Exploring the Association Between Morgellons Disease and Lyme Disease

Whoa – well if this didn’t knock your socks off you may not be aware of just how influential Medscape is in the medical industry. Having this Morgellons research paper syndicated through Medscape is a major step towards the goal of having MD widely accepted.

Medscape is the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medical news and expert perspectives; essential point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME.

About Medscape

Reuters – Fact Check-Face masks do not contain nanoparticle ‘Morgellons’ parasites

Don’t you hate it when some new trendy conspiracy comes along and they somehow rope ‘Morgellons’ in with it? So does Reuters, and that’s why they were sure to include a link to “History of Morgellons disease: from delusion to definition” by Marianne Middelveen in their article debunking the claims that face masks contain nanoparticle ‘Morgellons’ parasites.

Reuters is a global news agency that was founded nearly 170 years ago. Our journalists work all over the world and are guided by the Trust Principles, which state that Reuters must report the news with integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.

About Reuters Fact Check

Future Morgellons News Articles

Photo by Pixabay on

As always, you can count on Morgellons Survey to deliver the highest caliber of Morgellons related news and updates!

Dapsone For Morgellons?

What about Dapsone for Morgellons? Several reports are trickling in about the potential for a repurposed “leprosy” drug to assist in eradicating spirochetal persister cells. Recently, Dr. Richard Horowitz published research which demonstrates efficacy of Dapsone in combination with other antibiotics. First, let’s review the science.

Dapsone For Lyme Disease

“Three patients with multi-year histories of relapsing and remitting Lyme disease and associated co-infections despite extended antibiotic therapy were each given double-dose dapsone combination therapy (DDD CT) for a total of 7-8 weeks. At the completion of therapy, all three patients’ major Lyme symptoms remained in remission for a period of 25-30 months. A retrospective chart review of 37 additional patients undergoing DDD CT therapy (40 patients in total) was also performed, which demonstrated tick-borne symptom improvements in 98% of patients, with 45% remaining in remission for 1 year or longer. In conclusion, double-dose dapsone therapy could represent a novel and effective anti-infective strategy in chronic Lyme disease/ post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS), especially in those individuals who have failed regular dose dapsone combination therapy (DDS CT) or standard antibiotic protocols. A randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled trial is warranted to evaluate the efficacy of DDD CT in those individuals with chronic Lyme disease/PTLDS.”

Efficacy of Double-Dose Dapsone Combination Therapy in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease/Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS) and Associated Co-infections: A Report of Three Cases and Retrospective Chart Review – PubMed (

What Do Doctors Think About Dapsone?

Next, we wanted to look at what doctors who have treated Lyme think about Dapsone. Dr. Marty Ross was one of the first professionals to report on this potentially exciting breakthrough therapy.

The American Integrative Pharmacy produced an informative article about Dapsone in the treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease as well.

Dapsone or diaminodiphenyl sulfone (DDS) is a commonly used drug to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis herpetiformis, leprosy and acne. A know persister bacteria called mycobacterium leprae requires long-term treatment with intra cellular drugs, which include Dapsone. Other persister bacteria that have been identified in recent years include Borrelia burgdorferi, which is considered to be an agent of Lyme disease.

Using Dapsone in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease | Long Beach (

So What About Dapsone For Morgellons?

Both the Lyme Disease Association and LymeDisease.Org authored favorable articles about Dapsone for Lyme, but as always – we recommend against seeking this therapy on your own. Please consult a board certified medical doctor to see if this medicine is right for your particular case, or if it might be a risk you should rather avoid.