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The condition called Morgellons seems to involve fiber-like structures. Sufferers claim they are protruding from the skin and they even seem to be self-assembling. These fibers are said to be difficult to extract and any attempts to remove them may cause excruciating pain. People also seem to experience crawling and stinging sensations of the skin and severe lesions that don’t seem to heal. The only studied instances that seem to be similar are found in animals that have fiber-like structures coming out of the lower extremities. They are referred to as “Yaws” and “Digital Dermatitis”.

While many say this is a “nano” disease, there is little to no information available on this specifically. There are many independent researchers that advocate and they are worth looking into. We this matter very seriously, yet we are limited as to what can advocate. Therefore, we will focus on what has been shared by veterinary and Lyme experts. Even though many call them “textile fibers”, we are told that there is nothing similar in the manufactured textile databases and medical professionals assume what they find on the skin are fibers from clothing and they very well may be. What we have to ask ourselves if these clothing fibers can get into our body. We should also ask ourselves why a similar condition is recognized in veterinary medicine, yet humans are considered delusional. You can take a look at the fibers of your own linens to come up with your own opinion and there are numerous veterinary studies online. 

In his book, “Healing Lyme“, Dr. Harrod Buhner tells us that the fibers associated with Digital Dermatitis may be manufactured by “abnormal keratin and collagen expression in epithelial keratinocytes and fibroblasts”(1). He tells us that common sense may tell us to find plants that support the normalizing of these unbalanced functions, yet he doesn’t list any. In my own research, I have found information on plants that may target fibroblasts and keratinocyte normalization and I have created this blend out of them. Buhner also tells us that focusing on the cytokine cascade may also support issues such as this. In his book, he states that many suspect that spirochetes may be a culprit associated with this issue.

 However, the mechanisms at the root of these actions are not adequately studied or understood. It seems to be occurring at the cellular and molecular level. More research is desperately needed. We can only speak on our own experiences and during our illness, we had fiber-like structures coming from our eyes. With general detoxing, including intestinal cleansing, they seemed to stop coming. When I attempted to do belly button soaks for unexplained movements that no remedies seemed to resolve. With my first soak of Belly Button Solutions™. I expelled what seemed to be millions of fibers, via stool the next day. The only explanation that I can think of is that the powerful ingredients may penetrate through to core areas that may be beyond where most remedies are capable of reaching.

We personally feel as though the intestinal mucus that we advocate may be something affecting many that think they have Morgellons. The gut may become so compacted with matter, pathogens, and even the nano that they may have nowhere else to go, but outwards. The mucus constantly seems to return and only with intestinal sweeping with a blend like our Intest~Ease™ and belly button soaking, may the fiber loads go down in our bodies. As far as external issues, we have developed many products for support. We have the ParaMite~Ease Concentrate™ for skin lesion support, as well as a detox bath soak called Soothe~Ease™. Lastly, we have had amazing feedback on the topical use of the OralToler~Ease™ collagen complex. 


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