Various Morgellons Petitions to the CDC Request Acknowledgement

Why should you sign a Morgellons petition? Above all, Morgellons patients endure many hardships trying to manage their strange skin condition. Firstly, being covered in oozing sores results in a low quality of life. Additionally, there is undue stigma surrounding Morgellons. But the fact is, signing a petition can make a big difference towards improving patients lives! In that regard, the following various petitions to the CDC ask for official acknowledgment of the research that legitimizes the condition.

This Morgellons petition in particular has over 3,000,000 signatures!!

This Morgellons petition was started by Charles Holman

Other Morgellons Petitions

Morgellons Petition

Image from a Morgellons petition

Almost a decade has passed since the CDC’s investigation of an Unexplained Dermopathy, also known as Morgellons Disease. Since that time a volume of contemporary research has demonstrated Morgellons is associated with an infectious process.

We want the CDC to acknowledge this research so that physicians are more comfortable treating patients who have Morgellons and also ruling out the condition in patients who do not.

Why is this important?

Many doctors do not understand there is a real Morgellons condition as opposed to the state of the patient mistakingly believing they have Morgellons. Doctors should understand what Morgellons is, rule it out in the patients who mistakingly believe they have it, and treat actual Morgellons patients according to the latest science.

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