Welcome to Morgellons Survey

Welcome to Morgellons Survey

morgellons survey

What Morgellons IS

  • Morgellons IS a legitimate disease, very easily ruled out towards diagnosis, yet extremely complicated to treat.
  • Morgellons IS a physical illness where an individual's skin cells will become infected with bacteria.
  • Morgellons IS a disease where patients DO produce fibers and filaments from their own skin and hair cells.

What Morgellons IS NOT

  • Morgellons IS NOT a psychiatric or psychological disease.
  • Because of sensationalism of what Morgellons IS NOT, people who are easily susceptible to influence may believe they have Morgellons when in fact they do not.
  • Morgellons IS NOT getting much funding towards discovering a cure, or inventing methods of prevention.


  • Education about the Facts of Morgellons Disease
  • Scientific Survey Data
  • Effective Community Support