Why Morgellons Research Stumps Many Doctors: Unraveling the Complexity of this Controversial Condition

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If you are a Morgellons patient, you may have felt the urge to complain about the medical field, or to consider doctors generally incompetent and uncaring. The truth however is that our doctors do care, but in most cases – they are helpless to understand Morgellons or how to treat it. Why does this happen? … Read more

Why is Lyme Morgellons Science ignored?

It seems as if every year science journals publish new studies that associate Morgellons with chronic Lyme disease. The journal editors publish these studies based on the strength of the evidence presented in the research. Yet year after year few news outlets syndicate these significant findings. What is the controversy in raising awareness about this new Morgellons science? What can we do to combat the media from censoring legitimate research?

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Morgellons Treatment, How to Interview Doctors

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This is the story of how I learned how to interview doctors for Morgellons treatment. Two questions I get often as a Morgellons patient is where do I live and what is my doctor’s name. The truth is my doctor is limited to what he can accomplish for Morgellons because of a lack of necessary and modern tools to combat the horrid disease. What he does do however is not refer me to a psychiatrist and actually, pays attention to the peer-reviewed¬†literature.

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