Morgellons Genetic Survey

morgellons genetic survey

We are now accepting genetic profile data for a comparative analysis among Morgellons patients. To participate in this survey, click on the link below to create an account on this site. After logging in, you will be redirected back to the upload form where you can upload your raw genetic data. We will officially … Read more Morgellons Genetic Survey

Gene transfer skewing ancestry reports?

gene transfer

JeronimoCan gene transfer skew ancestry reports? Growing up in the South just about every child at one point or another is told they have ancient Cherokee ancestors. My grandfather affectionately calls me “Jeronimo” from time to time. I’m currently¬†advocating for change that will hopefully lead to better treatment for him in these latter days.

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Biofilms in the Skin, Eczema and the Morgellons

biofilms in the skin

Biofilms in the Skin

Before we tackle the question of biofilms in the skin, let’s first understand what exactly is a biofilm. Fortunately for us, The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation has produced a quality documentary on biofilms¬†and their roles in chronic disease.

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