Memes for Morgellons Disease Awareness Month (February)

Every February is African-American History Month, Marijuana Awareness Month, National Boost Your Self Esteem Month, and of course Morgellons Disease Awareness Month, and so much more!

To help you raise awareness we’re providing these sharable memes which you can post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or more!

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Morgellons Is Expensive

Morgellons is a Lyme Skin Condition

In China Morgellons Is Real

The Blind Men and The Elephant

Morgellons CME

Morgellons and Coronavirus are Real

Morgellons Is Real

Morgellons Lyme Test

Morgellons Conspiracy

Morgellons Patients Need Support

Morgellons Is Not…

Morgellons Fibers Don’t Move

Morgellons Is Expensive

Morgellons Is Something Specific

Morgellons Doctor

Morgellons Clemson

Photograph credit Matthew Blouir (864)508.0126
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