Morgellons Test Is Fool Proof

Before we jump into testing criteria and what is an accurate Morgellons Test, it’s important to disclose that the new Morgellons Misinformation Campaign has MMI Agents claiming “Morgellons is Inside Everyone for Enslavement”. This is not credible. In fact, Morgellons is only inside individuals that will ever have it and cannot be transmitted from person to person. Lyme and other bacteria and viruses even can be transmitted person to person, but only a person with Morgellons will ever exhibit Morgellons symptoms.

Why Not The Spit Test?

early morgellons test

One of the very first suggested testing methods for Morgellons was the red wine spit test. While this test does reveal evidence of pathogens, gingivitis itself produces the same results. For this reason, the red wine spit test does not validate actual Morgellons Disease even if an individual taking the test does, in fact, have Morgellons.

Since the spit test is not accurate, what is the Gold Standard Morgellons Test in 2017?

Accurate Morgellons Test

So what is a more accurate Morgellons Test? In actuality, Morgellons is defined by the characteristic fibers that can be observed under an inexpensive handheld microscope even. The fibers themselves are distinguishable, and always much smaller than a human hair from atop the head.

Here is a short video showcasing the differences:

Knowing what these fibers look like, where do we look for them and what do we use? The Fool Proof Morgellons Test Method will have us looking directly in lesions. Although Morgellons patients can be asymptomatic, usually Morgellons becomes problematic during times when lesions are present.

For instrumentation, I recommend affordable USB microscopes on Amazon, like this one.

Using this microscope and peering into a lesion, subsurface fibers will be visible in a Morgellons Disease patient.

Subsurface Morgellons Fibers

Notice in the following videos how the fibers are obviously growing under the surface of the skin. At times you will witness the gleam of the light passing above fibers, demonstrating they are in fact under the skin. What makes this test Fool Proof is the fact that these fibers could not have been manually left in the places where they are being observed.

Here are two examples of what subsurface Morgellons Fibers look like:

And in this video, you can again see how the subsurface fibers are exposed with this simple and accurate Morgellons Test:

Tested Positive, What’s Next?

Finding a good doctor who hasn’t been dissuaded from treating Morgellons is a bit of a process. After procuring one or if your current doctor understands the association of Morgellons Disease with Lyme and Co-Infections, the best resource to aid in your healing journey is still Dr. Ginger Savely’s “Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease”. The information contained in this book allows for a better understanding of the facts versus the misinformation of opportunists who sensationalize the mysterious nature of Morgellons Disease. You and your doctor should be able to save much time by avoiding dead-ends exposed in this detailed read. At just under ten bucks for the Kindle version, how could you afford not to own such a valuable resource?

11 thoughts on “Morgellons Test Is Fool Proof”

  1. In fact, Morgellons is only inside individuals that will ever have it and cannot be transmitted from person to person.
    This statement is not true or factual I in fact know when and where I got Morgellons and after I got it my wife got it from me fact. because she was not where I was when I got it. Early studies said that it was in fact blood born and I am sure that is how my wife got it.

  2. With my first cat which I had the 21 years I thought I got Morgellons from him we both suffered basically the same things his body tolerated it better than mine until his last year but now I have another cat and he was clean and gotten as a young kitten had no health issues and I am now seeing the white specs and fiber on the cat and it appears my husband is developing it also he is in denial of course but currently he is being treated for hep C diabetes high cholesterol which are all the things that I started with before I started see the fibers and figured it out so no one really knows if we transmit this for sure or not I like to put glycerin on my skin before I leave the house if I have any openings so that nothing falls out it seals them because I do not wish to spread this deadly disease

    • The fibers themselves are not at all contageous, the bacteria that cause them is infectious however so no need to worry about the fibers particularly. They are just like dead skin and hair that falls out. My little brother is being treated for diabetes so I’m certainly with you there Ann!

      • This is infact false me an my wife got this from are apartment building an they for fact I have proof that they move an hurt you so dont come out here an tell ppl this crap because they need to be aware of their lives becose i no for shure that one minute you are fine and the next thing you are being attacked by a lot of things that look like stuff you would never expect

  3. I have morgellons and have a difficult time finding a MD to treat me. I finally told my doctor I might have lime disease and he gave me a test and came back Rockie Mountain Fever. He treated it and I feel better but am not well. Arthritis and muscle pain is very painful and around 3am I wake up with stinging in my skin. I bath and use Borax, soda vinegar and all sort of cures. My skin lesions look better now. My intestinal problem is still acute. I have used 3 different cleanse from the health food store. It has helped. I have books, a microscope, magnets and a copper transistor. I have spent well over a 1000.00 $$ not counting doctors visits.

  4. People your talking about red wine for a spot test. Well listen up I evidentally have the tyronasauraus Rex strain of motherhood because everything I drink from gets these lil Mo fos in it within 30 minutes n I don’t have to spit or swish n you can see them with the naked eye n when I put them under my cheap 100x pocket microscope OMFG!! Go get my 45. Hell I wish it was that easy anyway since I’ve discovered these monsters that want to set up shop in my assignment for whatever reason I’ve lost most of the people I thought were friends including my uncle who is a Dr when he found out I had this and I showed him it was chunk deuces can’t talk to you bout it I will loose my for him to react like this to his own kin there’s some serious crap behind it and anybody in mainstream medicine or especially a govt. Agency that denies it’s existence is most definitely in on it I brought fiber balls of this to the two er rooms close to me.along with my dual lens 30x n60x magnifier the first one called a recess like we were in court or something n came back n asked me to leave the second one acted like I had a nuke n was a terrorist so don’t think there’s not a cover-up at least here in Louisiana there is a major cover-up going on I never believed in conspiracies till I got this but then I’ve never been chased by hospital security either when trying to seek treatment either and remember this when they say this doesn’t exist they are in retrospect calling all of us that have it Einstein n theirselves mental retards because we can isolate n identify it with our cheap Chinese pocket microscopes n no finances but they can’t with their unlimited taxpayerfunds n electron microscopes really people well I’ll take that compliment anytime. It’s just that for some reason I don’t think they mean it as a compliment what do you think

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