Don Mau Morgellons Review

First, why do so few people promote Don Mau Morgellons advice? The information he is presenting is peer reviewed, and the dots he is connecting are done so in a somewhat reasonable manner. So why isn’t everyone all hopped up on these findings?

Don Mau Morgellons

don mau morgellons bartonella

Primarily it’s the presentation. One aspect I’ve noticed in individuals who want to help, myself included, is the passion in which we pursue disseminating the perspectives we wish to convey. That passion sometimes leads to reckless and thoughtless communication. Don Mau isn’t yet presenting his Don Mau Morgellons information in a manner that is consistently considerate of the audience he wants that information exposed to.

This is what we call Search Engine Optimization, or managing your efforts to consider the mindset of the individual visiting your web presence. Mr. Mau takes the Morgellons Vigilante Method of going around to every person with a Morgellons presence on the internet and slapping his link on their content. If they question the content he has presented, he has at times become defensive and disagreeable.

Despite my communications with Don, he does not yet seem interested in changing his marketing strategy. I hope one day in the future he reconsiders as I would very much like to represent him on the internet (check out my efforts at

Valid Perspective

To be fair, the information Don has prepared based on his research is extremely compelling and I do urge everyone to review his efforts. What I would like to see however is for Don to submit his efforts for peer review. With that kind of legitimization Don won’t have to go to the people, the people will come to Don.

Constructive Criticism

All this being said, there are really only 2 additional issues I have with Don’s work outside of how it is being marketed.

horizontal gene transfer

1) I don’t think Morgellons can be cured. Based on the evidence that it can present with several varying and independent┬áco-morbidities, I think Morgellons is a genetic disorder. It would be very beneficial if Bartonella itself was the focus of future Morgellons research. In the meantime, however, if you do decide to give Don’s NB protocol a try, please DO NOT DO SO WITHOUT THE GUIDANCE OF YOUR DOCTOR. Don suggests that antibiotics are worthless and I think that is pure arrogance in regard to many varying kinds of pathogens we are dealing with, which leads me to my second issue:

2) Biofilm formation certainly includes more mechanisms for construction than simply, “a state of Hypercalcemia caused in the patient by the calcifying Bartonella infection“. I would like to review whatever credible source that information came from, but it is one of the few claims Don makes where a link isn’t provided in regards to the information being presented. Regardless, when you go busting open biofilms you are going to want to have both antibiotics and antivirals available for the flood of pathogens into your bloodstream, or that’s what I would think based on my limited understanding of biofilms. Having a good idea of the specific kinds of pathogens in your body could prove invaluable in selecting the appropriate medications for addressing them.

Final Verdict

Don Mau does put good effort into his research, but he suffers from hubris and an unwillingness to being open for peer review. Consider that when you review Lyme-Morgellons or CDC-Morgellons you are only getting the opinion of one person’s interpretation of the literature and one that is seemingly not open to constructive criticism. Other people’s interpretations of Morgellons, however, have been presented for peer-review and have passed the test. These are the interpretations your doctor can rely on with some degree of certainty. Anything else, though potentially beneficial and factual both, is still entirely speculative.

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  1. Don protocol for Bartonella “healing” is very interesting. The explanation of the disease is also very intriguing and quite convincing for me. I agree with this review partially. I also found some areas that require more indepth look. He seem hard to find and reach. I think as a group we should work together to find a cure, not being so stuck up in our own theories.
    Currently fighting a form of Bartonella/BLO