Morgellons Expert Interview, Dr. Ginger Savely

Dr. Savely joins us for a special interview about what we now know regarding Morgellons Disease. Have your doctor email Dr. #GingerSavely: Please donate to help fund future #Morgellons research: 1) Could you give us a summary of who you are, how you became involved with Morgellons and how you assist the … Read more

Dr. Ginger Savely, DNP Livestream

Thursday December 7th, 2:00PM EST with Dr. Ginger Savely, DNP author of Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease. [amazon_link asins=’0997920025′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’morgello-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4015c210-d9e7-11e7-a53d-e5106d256dc3′] Dr. Savely has worked for years treating Morgellons patients, and offers experienced insight into the disease on her website:

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