Morgellons Expert Interview, Dr. Ginger Savely

Dr. Savely joins us for a special interview about what we now know regarding Morgellons Disease.

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1) Could you give us a summary of who you are, how you became involved with Morgellons and how you assist the Charles E. Holman MD Foundation?

2) The CDC recently reported 115,000 new cases of syphilis in the U.S., is Morgellons really syphilis as some may assume?

3) Many patients are very afraid of utilizing antibiotics in their treatment because of the resulting side-effects. Are these potentially damaging side-effects limited to fluoroquinolones, and are there ways to mitigate these reactions?

4) In what ways can Medical Marijuana help Morgellons patients?

5) You state on your website that your patients must cease cigarette smoking before engaging in treatment, can you explain why patients will not improve unless they quit? What about vaping or dipping tobacco?

6) Many people present with what they often describe as “white worms”, “seeds”, “shrimp”, “cocoons” which have been described by researchers as “collagen projections” and “follicular casts”. How do we know these aren’t worms?

7) If digging these artifacts out isn’t responsible what is the appropriate manner of treating them?

8) Is it the case that Morgellons patients develop sores independent of excision, is it true that their skin spontaneously ulcerates?

9) Why do some Morgellons patients shave their heads?

10) Is Morgellons the same thing as Hair Tourniquet syndrome or are the two related? (not asked)

11) How much does stress and trauma really affect Morgellons patients? Can it impair the immune system and make symptoms worse?

12) Patients often become desperate and hopeless after repeated attempts to seek help end in failure and rejection. What can a Morgellons patient do when they feel nobody listens and nobody cares and it’s never going to get any better? Is there a way out of the darkness into a brighter tomorrow?

13) Is misinformation and sensationalism really harmless when it comes to the facts about Morgellons?

14) What’s next for Dr. Ginger Savely?

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