In The Battle Over Morgellons, Science Is Getting Slaughtered

It has been almost eight years since the CDC released the findings of its Morgellons study. Experts tend to agree that the inclusion of patients who “believe they have fibers in their skin” as opposed to limiting the research solely to patients who “have observable filaments embedded in their skin” corrupted the outcome of the CDC study. It can certainly be argued that the CDC did not study any Morgellons patients for their Morgellons study. Instead, they likely only studied people who believe they have Morgellons.

A concentrated effort to excuse scientific evidence isn’t limited to the CDC and their study. Individuals are making quite a name for themselves promoting fear-based propaganda to the public in the name of Morgellons. This is where dermatologists have it right, the majority of the people they see think Morgellons is something that science has demonstrated it is not and are convinced of misinformation they discovered on the internet.

Following the CDC study and several independent research initiatives, a contemporary review of the literature was published in 2018. The fact is evident that Morgellons fibers originate from the bodies’ own cells and are tightly associated with Borrelia infection.

Morgellons fibers are not alive and do not originate from chemtrails or nanotechnology.

There is a delusion that generates thousands of hits for aspiring YouTubers. Throw the word Morgellons on top of your video about aliens and government mind control and you can almost bank on triple the ad revenue.

Although this individual claims Morgellons fibers are dumped out of airplanes, they have yet to have their findings accepted for publication in any prestigious journals. To accept this information as factual requires “good faith”.

Cite scientific research which demonstrates Morgellons can be healed with antibiotics and expect a slow month on social media. Anticipate not seeing your efforts shared among many “Morgellons activists” who disagree with what the evidence demonstrates. Look forward to dozens of angry comments about how “you don’t know what you’re talking about” and “you’re the ONLY one saying Morgellons is caused by Lyme”. If you aren’t willing to make videos claiming Morgellons fibers are sentient beings being deployed for the purpose of evolving mankind to the next level of consciousness (or slavery) then you may start to feel like it’s time to hang up your YouTube hat. People aren’t interested in hearing the facts.

Misinformation Promotes Skepticism

The fight for legitimacy is winning battles from the top down, the science is good and experts are finally starting to take notice. From the bottom, however, patients in every city are floundering under a sea of garbage propaganda that their network of support would rather not become embroiled in.

“Morgellons? I don’t want to get involved with any conspiracy theories.” and “Morgellons? Man, you need to get out of the house more often. Get some sunshine and those sores will heal right up!” and “Morgellons… I’m going to send you to see Dr. P, she’s a very knowledgable psychiatrist who I believe can help you find peace from these Morgellons concerns.” are the result of copious material misleading the public about the actual nature of Morgellons disease.

Your family won’t believe you because when they go online to research it the first thing they’ll find is a video describing chemtrails and nano poisoning. The outcome of subscribing to these false narratives about Morgellons is isolation, except from those who espouse the same misinformation. The online groups perpetuate Morgellons misinformation like the last days of 90s rave, ad nauseam.

What’s It Going To Take?

What it’s going to take is to stand up to these agents of misinformation in public. Expose their fake argument with actual science that they cannot bring to the table and make sure everyone in the group sees you doing it. Make sure you point out that nothing they are claiming about Morgellons is validated with any accepted research. Sure, they’re going to whine and cry about it and probably kick you out of the group – but somebody watching the spectacle learned the truth. Someone watching saw actual peer-reviewed research about Morgellons that they didn’t know existed because they relied on agents of misinformation in the Facebook groups.

People need help from their system of support and that is not going to occur until Morgellons science is accepted. Today the science is avoided because of the forests of misinformation surrounding the topic. We need to grow vines and bushes and trees of science throughout that forest so that when people look they see there IS, in fact, a legitimate scientific side to Morgellons. Color their narrative with glow in the dark, peer-reviewed, hard to dispute facts. They may not be listening, but everybody is watching.

When people realize the evidence and understand how strong it actually is, then finding support will no longer be so difficult for Morgellons patients.

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