New Morgellons Petition to the CDC Requests Acknowledgement

A recently published Morgellons petition to the CDC asks for official acknowledgment of the research that legitimizes the condition.

TO: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Make A Statement about Lyme Morgellons Science

Almost a decade has passed since the CDC’s investigation of an Unexplained Dermopathy, also known as Morgellons Disease. Since that time a volume of contemporary research has demonstrated Morgellons is associated with an infectious process.

We want the CDC to acknowledge this research so that physicians are more comfortable treating patients who have Morgellons and also ruling out the condition in patients who do not.

Why is this important?

Many doctors do not understand there is a real Morgellons condition as opposed to the state of the patient mistakingly believing they have Morgellons. Doctors should understand what Morgellons is, rule it out in the patients who mistakingly believe they have it, and treat actual Morgellons patients according to the latest science.

How it will be delivered

I would like to stage a press conference to commemorate the gesture.

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