Morgellons Treatment, How to Interview Doctors

This is the story of how I learned how to interview doctors for Morgellons treatment. Two questions I get often as a Morgellons patient is where do I live and what is my doctor’s name. The truth is my doctor is limited to what he can accomplish for Morgellons because of a lack of necessary and modern tools to combat the horrid disease. What he does do however is not refer me to a psychiatrist and actually, pays attention to the peer-reviewed literature.

The Phonebook

Remember how cool the Yellow Pages were back in the yesterday before commercials were half all viagra ads? Well, they are still just as cool and twice as necessary today in our battle against Morgellons Disease. You have to look up “General Practitioners” or “Primary Care Physicians” in your area and go down the list calling each one.

What Questions to Ask?

To begin with, you will not be speaking directly to a doctor usually. Instead, expect to be talking to receptionists or nurses. Consider their time as you compile your list of questions. Three or Four but probably no more. Here are few examples:

  • How do you treat Morgellons Disease (MD)?
  • Do you treat chronic Lyme Disease?
  • Do you treat MTHFR gene mutations?
  • Do you test for metal toxicity?
  • How much do you charge?

Morgellons Questions

In response to your query, the receptionist will have some return questions. Be prepared for these:

  • What is Morgellons? (Answer: “I would be glad to email you a link to a factual guide intended for patients and physicians.”) [amazon_link asins=’0997920025′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’morgello-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’66b4ac36-d4e3-11e6-a174-dba258ffb936′]
  • No, there is no such thing as chronic Lyme – see a psychiatrist! (Answer: “Thank you for your recommendation, good bye.**nice tone, hang up immediately)
  • We understand there is a problem with these diseases, but will do the best we can with the current research. (Answer: “Thank you, can I schedule an appointment?“)
  • We don’t discuss payment options over the phone, would you feel comfortable to come in for an assessment?

Morgellons Treatment

There is no magic bullet for Morgellons, if there were people wouldn’t be afflicted. Your new doctor is probably going to have a harder time with Morgellons than you are at this point because of lack of leadership in the medical establishment. Be considerate of their handicap during their efforts trying to treat you. You may start taking antibiotics, you may get tests – you may ask about these things, but don’t expect a magic bullet. There just isn’t one for us or for the doctors to use yet. In conclusion, hang in there because eventually there will be a cure!

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