Bartonella: Diagnosis and Treatment: Part 2 of 2, Full Color Edition (Chuvash Edition)


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This may be the most current book on human clinical Bartonella that combines a full reading of the English world medical literature, and immense experience with patients who consult Dr. Schaller from all over the world. The next text on Amazon is $170.00 with little applicable to human medicine and no clinical images.

Dr. Schaller typically only treats patients who have failed to improve after the best care of routine smart physicians and integrative healers. It is these types of patients that have lead him to publish 27 top journal articles and over 30 books that offer new ideas for people who are not getting better.

This physician has proposed in this book:

  1. Some patients did not improve with past clinicians because Bartonella was missed by experts in infections or experts in Lyme disease.
  2. Or the treatments were not successful.

Dr. Schaller believes wasting seasons or years with Bartonella being missed is a serious problem. He also feels that most “Bartonella” treatments really kill Lyme or other infections. Or they may lower inflammation chemicals in the body, but do not kill Bartonella. So he discusses in this text outcomes of patients very carefully tracked who arrived having been recently treated with common Bartonella treatments in traditional medicine and integrative medicine. When they were tested by Dr. Schaller or his colleagues, no lab was warned of the suspected diagnosis of Bartonella—they were blinded.

Finally, if you want ten exact and new treatments with a specific dose to cure Bartonella, please do not buy this book. If you want five direct Bartonella tests such as IgG/M or PCR Bartonella tests, and you want this very flawed and simple approach to diagnosis Bartonella, please do not buy this book.

The book required very high color print rates. Meaning? Please do not purchase if the cost is a sacrifice. It is not a income generating medical textbook. Books designed to discuss highly specific diseases, do not return their investment.

On a positive note, this book offers an entirely new physical exam based on VEGF skin and blood vessel changes associated with Bartonella, to increase suspicion of this infection.

It is surprising that this very dangerous and serious common infection still is not listed in tick infection guidelines in North American medical societies and in other countries around the world.

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