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  1. I know what Morgellon is. I know where fiber comes from what forms it. I know what causes the itch, itch like bug bite to chicken pox itch. I know something about the dots on people that everyone else don’t see. I know why people say the feel something crawling under skin. when they touch area on themselves, they feel it, but when someone else touches same area they do not feel it . I know why. they are not delusional. That is not a good feeling when know one believes you. I have answers. I will send this message out to  others and wait for first person to respond . I need to prove this also to my family. Not a joke. This could help a lot of people. this is just part of whats really going on with this Morgellon..
    Here are my pictures of my left ear canal and the pieces of fiber optic glass that where cut out from ear.


     Zoom in on pictures you  you will see the fiber coming out of my skin and growing out of the cracks of the glass. Its being made from the glass. You can’t miss it. I know how its being done. Those fiber optic glass are all over my body.

    The picture on left is take from this pdf file



    The picture on right is taken from left ear. I know how this happened.  This is effects a lot of people that don’t know the cause. I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS and I am trying to get  help with this. This will help people who didnt do anything wrong and their lives are ruin because of this. And I FIGURED OUT HOW THIS HAPPEN, I am just a regular person works for Post Office 48 years old. If you would like to know what this is and can help get the information to the right people, you will be helping alot of people.