Ethermorg Whitepaper


REVISED 11.30.2021


Jeremy Murphree

The New Morgellons Movement

106 Columbia Circle 

Greenville, SC 29607


Ethermorg is a non-for-profit token created by Jeremy Todd Murphree of Greenville South Carolina, a Morgellons patient with TBRF (tick borne relapsing fever, a Borrelia bacteria like Lyme). 

Non-Profit Organization

Ethermorg operating expenses and income will be managed by The New Morgellons Movement, a non-profit organization to be registered in the state of South Carolina. A 501c3 application will be filed for this non-profit so that sales of Ethermorg can be reported as charitable contributions. All income outside of operating expenses will be donated towards scientific research. 


The purpose of Ethermorg, a Bitcoin derivative using Counterparty technology, is to award advocates who raise awareness about Morgellons Disease by gamifying the acts of sharing Morgellons research that demonstrate an infectious process and to raise funds for scientific research and public awareness. These acts may include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other social networks
  • In person conferences, rallies, and protest demonstrations
  • Medical conference attendance including annual CE compliance 


  • Increase social awareness of Morgellons science
  • Increase attendance at Morgellons medical conferences
  • Motivate physicians to attend medical conferences and take continuing education courses which provide information about the infectious nature of MD
  • Motivate advocates to attend rallies, demonstrations, and awareness events
  • Raise funds for scientific research


  • The present supply is 10,000 Ethermorg 
  • 10,000 Ethermorg will be issued quarterly by Counterparty server
  • Ethermorg will be sold online at the “Ethermorg Store” described below. Store price will be set by the non-profit and will not necessarily reflect market value, if any.
  • Holders will be able to utilize social tipping bots, similar to how Trollcoin is distributed using TrollCoinBot (a bot accessible on multiple social platforms that allows users to tip each other). Trollcoin_Whitepaper.pdf

Counterparty Server

  • VPS or Dedicated hosting
  • Quarterly distribution
  • Tipping daemon

Documentation | Counterparty 

Projected Expenses

  • $200 – $400 annual VPS hosting (Counterparty Server)
  • $50 annual domain registration (should be registered 3 years in advance)
  • $200 annual managed web hosting (Ethermorg store)


Free Wallet

Ethermorg utilizes and promotes Free Wallet, an open-source project available for anyone to fork or review. 

FreeWallet – Free Wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty


  1. Social Tipping

Award individuals sharing Morgellons research (studies, surveys, conference presentations) by mechanism of programmed bots utilizing the Counterparty Server.

  1. Prize Redemption

Prizes can be redeemed at a forthcoming “Ethermorg Store”, similar to the Trollcoin Store, in exchange for Ethermorg. Prizes will be Morgellons themed and may include, for example

The online store will be an ecommerce platform and may utilize Woocommerce or Magento technologies with a payment gateway that accepts Ethermorg as payment. 

  1. Social Voting

The Ethermorg store will include polls which visitors can participate in by exchanging Ethermorg for votes. This will occasionally drive demand for Ethermorg.

  1. Lottery

Similar to social voting, lotteries with Morgellons themed prizes can be entered by spending Ethermorg crypto. This will afford multiple entries for individuals holding a large amount of Ethermorg.

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