Chronic Lyme Disease And Strongyloides Patient Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E Describes His Experience With Morgellons And How He Got His Life Back

Richard Kuhns, a Chemical Engineer, who initially worked for Dupont and then left to start his own trek in life as a stress management consultant. Ten years into his new career everything was put on stop after he pulled a vine from a tree in his back yard from which he was showered with dust from a bird nest. It became his life-changing event. With no help from the medical community he was left on his own to find answers to the relentless symptoms of itching, biting, and non healing lesions. Through his experience of doing an elimination diet, he discovered there were certain foods that activated his symptoms and there were foods that deactivated the symptoms and with careful note taking over the course of a year or so he discovered what he calls, The King Diet, which has become the crux of his program.

  • What’s the difference between not having your life and having your life back? 
  • Where did you attend school and what attracted you to chemical engineering?
  • Are you from New Jersey originally? What’s it like in your state?
  • What led you to self-help, hypnosis, and Biofeedback?
  • There was a scientific review of Biofeedback in 2019 which found strong evidence it has therapeutic benefits, which conditions can it treat?
  • How can Hypnosis help?
  • Can someone use Hypnosis on themselves and how does that work?
  • What are some simple ways people can manage stress? 
  • When did you write your first book and what do you write about?
  • Are you working on a new book currently?
  • What led you to the world of #Morgellons?
  • What is the King’s Diet?
  • What are your thoughts on antibiotics?
  • Are there any supplements or vitamins that you find beneficial?
  • What is debriding soap and how does it work?
  • How are you doing today, do you have a maintenance protocol?
  • How can Morgellons patients avoid quacks?
  • How important is the community and if someone becomes separated from their support network for any reason including Morgellons, how can someone reconnect with that community and network?
  • How did you start your call-in show?
  • How did you meet Robin and when did she join you?
  • What kind of changes would you like to see in healthcare?
  • What’s the one thing someone should remember if they become desperate or despondent?
  • What other things are you passionate about?
  • How can someone engage with you if they want to try out your system?

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