Morgellons Chemtrail Theory Exposed as Fear Porn

The Morgellons Chemtrail Theory suggests that the toxins from chemtrails are the causative agent in Morgellons Disease. If this were the case, however, every person on the planet would have Morgellons. Currently, we can estimate from statistics that about one million people worldwide suffer from Morgellons Disease.

Morgellons Chemtrail Theory

Our good friend Jim Lee at Climate Viewer News recently authored an interview with an FAA scientist giving us deeper insight into the hidden reality of geoengineering. Within this article, the Morgellons Chemtrail theory is analyzed and exposed for what it is – sociopaths and egocentrics preying on the fears and imaginations of Morgellons victims. While it is possible that exposure to geoengineering might result in some toxicity, I would argue that the damage sustained from smoking cigarettes, drinking fluoridated water, or eating pesticides is potentially far worse.

Take a moment to read the full article at Climate Viewer News.