Skin Cell Lyme Bacteria

Spirochetal Bacteria has been demonstrated “drilling” into a skin cell by the honorable Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

Aetos Technologies has made available to the Lyme Disease Association certain videos which feature new imaging technology called CytoViva™. Each one shows Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.

 Morgellons is a Bacterial Infection

lyme bacteria skin cell

Morgellons has been repeatedly substantiated and recently recognized as a condition associated with Lyme bacteria. Specific studies found that proliferation and activation of skin cells cause the artifacts that Morgellons patients attempt to extract. These studies also observed consistent spirochetal infections in the majority of these patients.

Skin Cell Lyme Bacteria

Many people will continue to live in disbelief that Lyme Disease is not only common but pandemic. The occurrence is due, in part, according to compelling evidence that Lyme Disease is sexually transmissible and also that the standard Lyme Disease test in the United States is far too ineffective to be used in practice – especially considering Lyme can be a fatal disease. The majority of studied Morgellons patients present with Lyme Bacteria in their skin, and the effects of Lyme Disease have not been properly studied in Morgellons patients. It should be extremely concerning that these patients are herded through psychiatric facilities before ruling out actual Morgellons pathology.

Bacterial Infections in the Skin?

That’s right, in fact, Eczema has been demonstrated to be caused by bacterial biofilms in the skin. These patients are often ashamed of their appearance and suggest they are simply “picking” at themselves when in fact they are very likely to be harboring microbial colonies in their dermis. With the unrestrained proliferation of Lyme Disease among the global populations, and misinformation downplaying the severity of the Lyme Disease epidemic, it is no surprise that many individuals are given band-aid diagnosis’s that fail to identify and address their actual condition. In the end, these patients either find relief in a Lyme Literate Physician, or they simply succumb to the disease. Unfortunately, it’s most often the latter.

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