Turkish Lyme Disease Presentation Includes Information About Morgellons

Morgellons in Turkey is a very real situation. The Holistic Medicine School in Turkey has produced a compelling YouTube video which highlights the evidence that Morgellons is associated with Lyme disease.

Ramadan Webinars Series Webinar 34: Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammation

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Murat Hökelek

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  • Morgellons disease, so far in a very good way manifested by a number of unspecified symptoms, most of them a disease whose symptom is related to the skin
  • Black, blue, or blue skin of a person with Morgellons disease fibers are produced in red color and these fibers come to the surface and come out many say
  • Many dermatologists treat Morgellons disease as a real and discrete not considered a disease, but rather a delusional parasitosis considered synonymous with (“delusional parasitosis”)
  • Found to be associated with Lyme