NBC Left Field’s Exposé of Morgellons

Morgellons on Left Field. Thousands claim to have Morgellons, a condition that allegedly causes fibers to grow out of the skin. A small team of researchers have linked it to Lyme disease, but here’s the thing: according to the Centers or Disease Control and Prevention and the majority of doctors, Morgellons does not exist, and there is “no common underlying medical condition” that explains reported symptoms. Most doctors believe that Morgellons patients are actually suffering from a delusional disorder — and Morgellons is not recognized in diagnostic manuals.

2 thoughts on “NBC Left Field’s Exposé of Morgellons”

  1. Very well done- thank you Katie, and nice to see you! I voted ‘not sure’, because I am convinced and have beetling before seeing this that it’s real. I think that’s a question for those who do not truly have it.


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