Key Morgellons Petition Clears One Million Signatures Milestone

One Million Signatures Morgellons Petition. A key petition to the President, Congress, and the CDC cleared a milestone achievement of one million signatures on September 29th, 2021. This gesture affirms that Morgellons patients are united in seeking validation, responsible diagnosis and treatment, and research into prevention and possible cures. Can America turn its’ back on one million voices?

Morgellons Patients Are Hopeful

TikTokers started early today, reporting their accounts of the infamous Morgellons petition reaching one million signatures. The scene was so exciting that these reports exemplify elation, and hope.

Still Room For More Signatures

While the main petition reached one million signatures, there are still other various petitions which can use your support. Check out our page about those petitions, and look at the top if you’d like to add your name to the petition being reported on in this article.

Various Morgellons Petitions to the CDC Request Acknowledgement (

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