Special Interview with Lyme Expert, Dr. Robert C. Bransfield

On Friday evening, July 31st, we were fortunate to interview prominent psychiatrist Dr. Robert C. Bransfield. Here is the recording of that session.

  1. What is the deal with COVID19, should people be wearing masks and how is the situation where you live?
  2. Does COVID19 cause psychological manifestations?
  3. What is Morgellons Disease?
  4. What is the most concerning aspect of Morgellons, in your experience?
  5. Why is it hard for many people to accept that infections can result in concerning behavior?
  6. How can someone tell if they are suffering psychological issues because of infection or other reasons like emotional trauma?
  7. Can specific conditions like bi-polar disorder be caused by infections and what other reasons would someone suffer from BPD?
  8. When you suspect Lyme, do you treat the patient or would you refer them out to an infectious disease specialist?
  9. How soon do patients see remediation of their condition if the cause is infection and how is their infection typically treated?
  10. Can psychotropic drugs be harmful to Lyme patients?
  11. Are benzos safe?
  12. Can cannabis be used to treat psychological disturbances?
  13. What is the association of Lyme disease with violence?
  14. Is ADD and ADHD associated with Lyme disease?
  15. Is syphilis still a prevalent infection or has Lyme overtaken it in incidence?
  16. Is it harder for Lyme patients to cope with emotional distress?
  17. How can someone tell if they are neurotic or if that is simply their personality?
  18. Can Lyme disease alter a persons personality, dramatically?
  19. How important is a support network for recovery, can someone make it without any help?
  20. What can Lyme patients do themselves to aid the healing process?
  21. Are there markers which indicate nominal behavioral health?
  22. How common are hallucinations with Lyme disease and what causes them?
  23. Are there sexual behavior implications of Lyme disease?
  24. Does Lyme disease promote narcissism, like syphilis is reported to do?
  25. Does traumatic brain injury factor heavily into patient prognosis?
  26. What research are you currently working on?

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