The Charles Holman Foundation Releases 12th Annual Morgellons Conference Presentations For Free On YouTube

Have you ever wondered what happens at a “Morgellons Conference”? The Charles Holman Foundation knows you have and has you covered by releasing its’ 12th annual Morgellons conference presentations for free on YouTube!

  1. My Morgellons Journey and the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation: Cindy Casey Holman
  2. Morgellons Disease: 16 Years on the Front Lines: Ginger R. Savely, DNP, MED, FNP-C, CAN
  3. Morgellons Disease: Testing, Conventional and Alternative/Integrative Treatment: Carsten Nicolaus
  4. Detection of tick-borne infection in Morgellons disease patients: Jyotsna Shah, PHD
  5. Morgellons Demystified: Marianne Middelveen by Melissa C. Fessler, FNP-BC
  6. Morgellons Disease: Reality, Unreality and the Next Steps / Randy S. Wymore, PhD
  7. Morgellons Disease: A Year in Review: Melissa C. Fesler, FNP-BC
  8. Unraveling Complex Clinical Cases: Courtney Day, ND
  9. CEHF 12th Annual Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease Q&A

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