Wikipedia France Acknowledges Morgellons Science, While US Wikipedia Avoids

In a stunning turn of events last week, Wikipedia France published new information on its Morgellons page that acknowledges the efforts of research scientists to determine an infectious etiology.

This same information is quietly absent from the US Wikipedia, however, keeping most Morgellons patients and caregivers in the dark.

A new emerging infection?
As of 2011, some scientists are trying to demonstrate the reality of the disease by defining it as filamentous dermatitis linked to Lyme disease, by publishing one to two articles per year.
The main author of the publications is Marianne J. Middelveen, veterinarian, who compared bovine dermatitis or Mortellaro’s disease in animals to Morgellons in humans 13 . Bovine disease is a skin infection associated with various pathogens, including spirochaetes and treponemes . In the animal, the disease is shown as contagious, being able to present papules filiform.
Middelveen assumes that morgellons are a human equivalent of bovine digit dermatitis. She regularly publishes works showing an association between Morgellons and Lyme disease 14 , 15 .

Wikipedia France

Does this mean the tide is finally turning in favor of science? Only time will tell if this entry remains on Wikipedia France and if the information “infects” Wikipedia USA.

Preview the following interviews with Morgellons’ leading research microbiologist and scientific expert, Marianne Middelveen, to learn more about what her research has uncovered about this most controversial and highly contested skin condition.

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