Interview with Skin Deep Star, Dr. Steve Feldman MD, PHD

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For acne: topical benzoyl peroxide. Also topical adapalene (brand name is Differin).


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Dr. Score

“Thank you for tuning in to #Morgellons Disease Discussion, and Microscopy videos. I’m your host Jeremy Murphree and today we will discuss a variety of skin conditions with a dermatologist who was rated by as the #1 expert in the world on both #psoriasis and #dermatology. He is the founder of the doctor rating website Much of his research is on how well patients use their medication. He was also one of the stars in Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons – Dr. Steve Feldman! Hey Dr. Feldman, how are you doing today?”

  1. Why did you start a doctor rating website and what was your experience with it?
  2. Can my diet affect how my skin looks and are there better foods to eat and others to avoid?
  3. What are the risks of sun exposure, especially on prescription medications?
  4. What is psoriasis and what causes it?
  5. What got you into research on how well patients take medication?
  6. If I have a pimple should I pop it, or see you about it?
  7. Are there any treatments that are effective for varicose veins?
  8. What is Keratosis Pilaris and how is that condition treated?
  9. What is the strangest skin condition you’ve seen?
  10. What is the most common fungal infection you treat?
  11. The health agencies are sounding the alarm about an uptick in syphilis cases, do you see that translate into more cases walking in to your office?
  12. What is a skin condition that is common to the South East, that Southerners should look out for?
  13. Is Cannabidiol oil beneficial for skin care?
  14. What are the concerns of being on amphetamine prescriptions, when should someone taking them consider coming off?
  15. Have you had bad experiences with patients, have you ever felt endangered?
  16. Is ringworm an actual worm and if not anti-parasitic medication, how is it treated?
  17. Can emotional stress affect how my skin looks?
  18. What’s the best therapy for cracked heel? Are there any recommended methods of prevention?
  19. Is there any sure way to distinguish between lacerations and ulcerations?
  20. Was speaking at the Morgellons conference that was documented in Skin Deep challenging for you?
  21. What is your current perspective on Morgellons disease?
  22. What’s in the future for Dr. Feldman?

1 thought on “Interview with Skin Deep Star, Dr. Steve Feldman MD, PHD”

  1. Hi Jeremy, thank you for the interview with Dr Feldman. Despite the many facets of my life that have been ruined due to Morgellons including having PTSD because I’ve had it for longtime, my hope is that others will have a better chance than I did. Given that, it was good to hear that Dr Feldman seemed to agree that Morgellons isn’t delusions and maybe a immune system issue (atleast that was my understanding). My hope is that he takes the next step and convey that to his dermatology associates. I feel patients will far much better if they are told they have an unknown underlying medical condition associated with their symptoms. I was horrified to read dermatology research papers in 2019 stating they gave “Morgellon” sufferers anti delusional medicines. That stuff can cause longterm damage and shouldn’t be administered by a dermatologist if they can’t distinguish between delusions and Morgellons. With that said, my point is that does he realize that Morgellon suffers could acquire TD (or maybe worse) Additional to Morgellons because of the treatment some of his associates are proposing?


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