Public Apology to Make Well Nutritionals GmbH

Over the years I’ve taken dozens of photos of Morgellons fibers. Somewhere along the way I became confused about a particular image, and mistakenly believed it was my own. When I saw this image in a recent blog post by Make Well Nutritionals GmbH, I was angry that they had not asked my permission to reproduce it and did not credit me with the image. The only problem was, it isn’t my image.

Make Well in their response to my social media posts on Facebook and Twitter explained that they acquired the image on Wikipedia and that it was listed as originating from an author named “Lifenext“.

When I followed the link back to the image and started digging deep into its presence there, it quickly became apparent that I could not possibly be the owner of this Morgellons photo.

What Happened?

How did I become so misguided that I mistook someone else’s image as my own?

In May of 2017, I wrote an article called “Skin Cell Lyme Bacteria” where the image is first utilized on my blog. Researching the disputed image I started to recall seeing it on Wikipedia, but do not understand why I would not use my own Morgellons image instead. When I uploaded the image I left the name intact, which both offers a clue that the image was not mine (Morgellons is not associated with worms) and also the confusion that the image was mine.

My birthday is January 15, 1977, so often when I create user accounts I will add 77 as a suffix identifier. For example, jmurphree77 is a username I often utilize. Seeing the 77 at the end of the file reinforced my false belief that the image belonged to me.

The Dates Don’t Fit

This is the set of photos that I wrongly assumed the image originated from. The dates, however, are over a year apart (March 18, 2016 – August 4, 2017) solidifying in my mind that I had made an error and would need to issue an apology to Make Well Nutritionals GmbH.

Who is “Lifenext”?

That is the great mystery originating from the fallout of this error of mistaken Morgellons. Though I’ve searched, no conclusive leads have surfaced which would elicit who Lifenext actually is.

I did find another Make Well Nutritionals GmbH article that the image appears in, but only dead ends trying to determine who it actually belongs to.

Sincerest Apologies

I’m sorry, I was confused but genuinely thought the image was my own. I’m embarrassed for previously suggesting that the image was mine.

Sincerely, I apologize for insinuating that Make Well Nutritionals GmbH inappropriately used an image that I incorrectly assumed was my own. They have done nothing wrong and do greatly contribute to helping Morgellons patients.

I hope one day we can discover who the image actually belongs to. In the meantime, I will be double checking my own Morgellons images to ensure they are in fact mine.

3 thoughts on “Public Apology to Make Well Nutritionals GmbH”

  1. Hi Jeremy, I understand your making a specific apology but wanted to let you know how easy it would be for me to confuse your pictures with my experience as well. Even the hair at the bottom all tied up in nots. I’d swear it was my dirty blonde hair and I’ve seen that numerous times too boot. Quite understandable and unfortunate for all of us as well. Funny most pictures I took was mainly from a distance because my head would go nude bald in areas. Like can’t miss that Derm but no need for testing to find the cause of course! Unbelievable what we are made to go through.

    • Hey Aaliyah, thank you for understanding! One of the dirty blonde hair pictures actually was in a YouTube video and I did have that taken down. I’d guess it wouldn’t hurt if I contributed some pictures for public use except I’m afraid of how they’d end up being used. Now that I started searching for them I should also put a gallery together so I can keep track of them. Hey – thank you for your continued support, my friend!