Rob McConnell Interviews: Cliff Mickelson

This is one of the Greatest Morgellons Interviews To Date! Seriously, if you want to know about Morgellons Cures, comparison of Morgellons to other diseases, and what’s the Current State of Morgellons Disease you should not miss the opportunity to listen to the latest Rob McConnell interview with Cliff Mickelson:

3 thoughts on “Rob McConnell Interviews: Cliff Mickelson”

  1. You don’t need to say www. Nobody says that….since maybe the first year the Internet came out. Did you not notice a pattern that every single website that you will ever mention would start with that so you don’t need to say it?

  2. Well, that was a bit depressing to listen to! I don’t think I heard a single positive piece of information! There’s no money for research, the CDC may bery well be covering something up and interfering with media exposure of the disease, children are being ripped from their homes, jobs are being lost, doctors won’t listen, less common/less serious viruses and diseases are receiving disproportionate attention and funding, there are essentially no concrete answers to any questions, as nothing has been confirmed about the disease origin or what it even IS, the disease is spread worldwide, the mental health symptoms can be present long before any physical symptoms that bring our attention to the disease, giving the infection plenty of time to really dig in and get set up for wreaking havoc on all organ systems while we are none the wiser! Awesome!! I’m being partially sarcastic, as I know some important discoveries and advances have been made. And I do have hope in knowing that there are professionals dedicating their life’s work to treating, studying, and exposing the disease.


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