Morgellons Video Questionnaire Q1.17

* Attention YouTubers *

For the next six weeks we are requesting individuals to respond to the following five questions on YouTube. All serious entries that answer each of the following five questions can be added to this page by posting a link to your video in the comments section below. The title of your video should be “Morgellons Survey Q1.17”:

  1. Where were you when you first heard the word “Morgellons”?
  2. Are you satisfied with your current treatment of the disease, self help or guided otherwise?
  3. What color fibers do you observe most often?
  4. What do you enjoy doing the most in life?
  5. What is your name and where are you from?

Sure the last question is a two-fer, but hopefully not to bad on ya. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your responses!

7 thoughts on “Morgellons Video Questionnaire Q1.17”

  1. 1. In the past 6 months – on internet.
    2. Self help – so-so. It’s really annoying and all over my nose!!!!!
    3. Blue and black tube types, a few red and a few “turquoise”…..lots of sparkles!!!
    4. Staying vertical.
    5. Samantha Sager, AP – DeBary, Fl (Central Florida) by way of Miami (25 yrs) & NYC (20 yrs).
    NB: Had horrid bronchitis in fall of ’14 & something took over the pores in my nose! It’s never been the same and has slowly gotten worse. I’ve always thought it was a “sun fungus” or something of that sort, but it’s getting weirder very gradually. I do know Lugol’s Solution dries it up for a short time. Thanks for this info – very much appreciated!!

  2. Tina Anderson
    West Virginia
    35 yrs old
    Please feel free to contact me, I am desperately trying to get as much info on this disease as possible. I’m trying to figure out who I can see in the medical profession that will take me seriously & not think I’m dilusional or worse. This has been on going for the last 2 yrs now ,and i would not wish it on my worst enemy. It’s embarrassing to say the least & so very upsetting when you can not find help. I’m a normal everyday person. A mother to a wonderful little boy. I’m just looking for answers & any help I can get at this point! Please, feel free to reach out to me at 1(304)677-3322
    I’ve seen numerous doctors. Dermatologist, Rhematologist, PCP .. have had biopsys taken. Sadly to no avail… So I am litterally begging some one for help at this point.

  3. Tina Anderson,
    Contact your lyme associate in your state and get the name and number to Lyme specialist. They have seen the disease the most and can probably help you. Most regular doctors do not know enough about the disease except what the CDC said which was that the patients were delusional. I would contact the Lyme association for guidance. They should be able to help you. Good Luck!!

  4. 1. I was in Phoenix,AZ sitting at my desk! ? ? That was in 2007 after almost an entire year of doing research..
    2. I am in a remission of which I go through, I think that it’s time for me to seek out a professional who is not only knowledgeable of the disease but wants to help educate both the medical & public on the facts of this horrible disease. It is definitely time for me to have the testing done that I need in order to fully understand my genetic make up & how it works within the disease itself. I’m happy with my self guidance & the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years in my battle with the disease. I have learned that THE MIND IS AN AMAZING TOOL ! ?
    3. I love life!! Traveling to anywhere & everywhere, I love people, all people & I love talking to people especially the elderly & the young.. learning is so important to me, I love it when I can view a subject from all sides & learn a different perspective. SELF EDUCATION is sooo IMPORTANT! With an open mind comes great things..
    4. Turquoise ,black ,& clear.
    5. Hi my name is Donna Hess & I am from Atco, NJ(southern NJ lol) have lived in PA, MD, AZ, & currently in am living in NE.
    ❤☮☺ to ALL..

  5. 1. I first heard about it just a month or two ago
    2. My fibers are normally pink , white and after showers black “fuzzies”
    3 . Im not happy at all .im in the mirror everyday . I can no longer wear make up i use . I no longee feel pretty. They are in my eyes nose and fingernails the most .


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