Morgellons is not Nanotechnology

Morgellons is not Nanotechnology

Morgellons is not Nanotechnology, but why? And what do people mean when they say it is? Perhaps most important to consider is, why would anyone think Morgellons is caused by Nanotechnology?

Irregular Expressions

Morgellons patients produce artifacts comprised of both keratin and collagen. The main theory regarding Morgellons and nanotechnology is that these artifacts are actually nano machines. In this theory, the nano machines are dropped in with the chemtrails (or the trails are composed completely of them) and that the fall out pollutes our drinking water with these machines. Their directives are to reconfigure host DNA so that it is suitable for the next, forced phase of human evolution. Whenever an individual exhibits lesions, the theory goes, their body is said to be rejecting these “evolutionary upgrades”. Individuals who ascribe to this theory attest that it is their faith in God that is causing their bodies to reject these nano machines. Should I have to ask then why are the majority of Christians, not televangelists but actual countryside grandma and grandpa congregations, not exhibiting lesions despite their faith? That’s alot to digest and a bit to fact check, so what is really the truth?

Nanoparticles and Industrial Waste

From my perspective, most individuals that ascribe to the Morgellons nanotechnology theory are confusing nanotechnology with nanoparticulates.

  • morgellons is not nanotechnologySolar Radiation Management is a method of increasing the albedo effect in the Earth’s upper atmosphere by injecting aerosol sprays into the stratosphere. In this authors experience, the chemtrail phenomenon is very real. What is not real however is what individuals are claiming the persistent trails are made of. We know from at least one scientific study (retracted, but informative) that they were primarily composed of coal fly ash. Coal fly ash is not intelligent, self replicating nanomachines programmed to force the next phase of human evolution.
  • Water fluoridation introduces much of the same nano sized chemicals and compounds into our bodies. In all likelyhood, we probably get more harmful exposure to fluoride in the water than to aerosols used in the upper stratosphere.
  • Many industrialized countries around the world do not have any kind of environmental safeguard policies. This allows smog and pollution to run rampant while circulating around the world.

Actual Nanotechnology

There is another reason Morgellons patients would fear self-replicating nanomachines are taking over our bodies, and that is the presence of artifacts that one would think nanotechnology to appear as. Artifacts described as quantum dots, hexagons (like my personal specimen below this paragraph), and what are potentially oleds have been observed surfacing from Morgellons patients skin. Often their descriptions do not match the actual items being described. Quantum dots for example look like this, whereas Morgellons “quantum dots” look like random chunks of CMYK colored plastic. Besides the lack of validity to determine what these artifacts actually are, where I also differ from the purveyors of the Morgellons nanotechnology theory is that I feel like these artifacts are both random and purely contributors to both air and water pollution. No consistency has been demonstrated in these artifacts and the randomness compels me to think that they are simply mixed in with the environment per poor waste disposal standards.

Why is it Coming out of the Skin?

Morgellons patients share a commonality with Eczema patients, both afflictions produce bacterial biofilms in the skin. Bacteria, often aided by the immune suppressing abilities of viruses, generally colonize by utilizing the resources available to them. Often, these are heavy metals sequestered from the environment. With additional sources of pollution becoming more prevalent, bacteria are afforded the materials they require for colonization efforts. So now it would seem we are primed for irregular skin events. A genetic predisposition to collect biofilms in the skin and an ever growing supply of materials for pathogens to utilize in their colonization efforts.

What is Morgellons Really?

Morgellons is a disease in which bacterial biofilms form within the layers of the skin. These bacteria in many cases have always been there but are just now coming into the public’s awareness of them. It is my opinion that the increase in global pollution has produced an environment where these bacteria expose themselves by their frenetic activity. Morgellons fibers, the defining characteristic of Morgellons Disease, consistently test as being comprised of either keratin or collagen with the latter often being most prevalent. The cells which produce keratin and collagen have been observed producing these fibers under electron microscope. Bacteria has been consistently demonstrated as able to produce irregular expressions in cells they have compromised.

There is of course no greater source of factual information about Morgellons Disease than this book: 

The Final Word

Morgellons fibers have never been demonstrated to give another person special, or advanced capabilities. While governments often seem keen on wasting great amounts of capital, it doesn’t make sense that they would develop such an advanced technology as to simply drop out the back of airplanes in the hope they reach their intended targets instead of simply drifting out over the ocean.

This theory of Morgellons and nanotechnology IS in fact the social paranoia that the media makes Morgellons Disease out to be.

Individuals who have never exhibited skin lesions are now claiming to have Morgellons themselves since “everyone has it, it’s in the chemtrails”. Being that Morgellons fibers are proven to be grown in the body from the bodies own cells, any theory claiming they are environmental is purely ignorant of the established research.

Morgellons is not Nanotechnology

In this article we’ve analysed the evidence and determined that this particular theory is extremely damaging to the patient-doctor relationship in Morgellons cases. Doctors see countless individuals, caught up in a sensational frenzy, claiming to have Morgellons Disease but not exhibiting any of the accepted diagnostic criteria. After a while these professionals become discouraged to see any “Morgellons” patients because, even though the scientific literature contains criteria for actual Morgellons cases – they’ve never actually seen one.

A Dangerous Notion

A horrible effect of this dangerous theory is the triggered diagnosis of delusions of parasites for actual Morgellons patients. Most doctors do not have time to stay current on the latest scientific research. They run their businesses like most other businesses, appealing to the demands for their services. If their experience includes seeing ten self diagnosed Morgellons  patients that complain of nanotechnology and no experience observing actual Morgellons pathology, then the next Morgellons patient through their door is likely to receive a preemptive diagnosis based on the doctors personal, and often negative, experiences.

If you see someone online trying to connect Morgellons with nanotechnology please, share this article with them so that they understand how their activity is limiting actual Morgellons patients.

8 thoughts on “Morgellons is not Nanotechnology”

  1. Anyone who actually believes your ignorant website is stupid as hell. You get a secondary bacterial infection and other parasites from it not only weakening your immune system but by taking over and altering your dna. Theres no bacteria that has this capability its a genetically engineered bio~weapon produced in a lab theres nothing natural about it and this was never in anyones body before 1998. All your doing is making people question whats really going on to divert the enormous danger of this epidemic that is unfolding before our eyes as a act of warfare against us by the US government. This is the new world order taking its place just as was said if lt would years ago. Wether your working for the government or your just getting paid off i do not know or really give a fuck. But its people like you that are the reason why this country is so fucked up. Do you personally have morgellons? I dont think so cause if you did you wouldnt be saying this bullshit. Yes theres bacteria but its a secondary infection. Ive had morgellins for years and its progressed to life changing debilitations, bacterial infections (MRSA) and parastic nematode infestation within my body. I can see where it travels, my hair is all changed its not my own, i have bugs coming out of my face as well as worms, i have lesions covering my body, fibers that grow all over my body that are black red white and blue.. Wouldnt u imagine? …. Whats the red white ane blue stand for? and my sores dont have scabs they are silicone Based molecular structures containing copper deposits, keratin and fiber optic filaments which my body is producing from the genetic alterations to the dna of my body. Mostly. Staph, MRSA and lymes are present with morgellons due to the weakened immune system and then its transforming us into something other than humans but with devastating effects in the human body like cancers and anemia, organ failure and parastic infections from parasites which have been inside our stomachs for centuries but our body keeps them at bay by % wise of 80% good. 20% bad but alterations which are transforming our bodies and are taking the lives of innocent people through a combination of genetically engineered modifications of actual biological organisms creating half machines half life forms of parasitic viral nematodes with bacterial attributes which are associated with this disease. I have had biologists and earth Scientists do tests in Montreal canada to confirm the molecular structures of debris that was falling in the air after two planes flew in x patterns over head. They collected the debris and took it to their lab to analyzes its chemical makeup and view it at 500x~1000x under a microscope and the results are stunning, these fibers are not natural formations or organisms they are not naturally occuring anywhere in nature and most importantly not the human body. You can see under 500d x magnification how it grows and assembles itself in a set pattern that is continually repeating itself replicating itself over and over and bonding and collectively overtaking everything in its path. Yes theres alot of crazies in this world but to label so many as delusional for something that we all know is not in our minds as a hallucinations is a downright crime against humanity and its not long before it makes its appearance within you all as well which it already resides in us all at this point. The foods contaminated, the water, the air and the ground. But 90% of people show no effects as far as sickness because when it enters your body through the transfer of being exposed to it or unknowingly ingesting it through food water or the fake crystal methamphetamines and bathsalts idiots are doing it enters your body and instantly attacks your immune system and targets the genome sequences and takes our dna and modifies it so your body doesnt see it as a threat but as a part of your natural biological makeup so. Theres no bad reactive side effects at first for 90% until its killing you with cancer or cell degeneration and other diseases attained. Through the weakened state, but your body allows it to take over so it is not noticeable at all. but us other 10% our bodies identify it instantly as a foreign invader and do not allow it to take hold fully so we have these side effects. Such as lesions and fibers growing out of us because our bodies are trying to rid this parasite from our body so it fights Us and its a constant battle for years as it slowly corrupts our body and mind and slowly take over our bodies by draining our vital energy as its life source. Until we die. So as far as what you think is what and whats not is not you need to rethink your understanding of none of what you hea4 and half of what we see. Theres a oblivion crisis encompassing our entire existence and the future of the world foe our children. Theres other dimensions we cannot perceive, more than what we can comprehend. We only see 3 when theres 12 or more. That we have no clue as to what or where they are. We are being dulled down by the flouride in the water causing our pineal glands To Become calcified and inhibiting our minds from being able to use most of our brain functions to the point of 10~15% capacity when theres another 85% we cannot take use. When theres so majy doubts from reality, so many unfilled gaps and paradoxes, when theres no proof of any gods or of any other way out of this living hell we were thrown into other than eternal death where our whole lives we were brainwashed and deceived by a government that not only treats us like Slaves and uses us for their own bidding but who is now deliberately and intentionally spreading a plague and causing so much harm and pain for their own sadistic pleasure to rid the world of its people so thsy can rebuild the earth how they want it to be?
    Call me crazy call me delusional call me whatever the fuck you want but when it comes down to it at the end of the day i do not give a rats fucking ass what you think, i actually feel genuinely sorry for people like you who have been living a lie and who cant see that. But its your reality you can do with it what you want but your wasting your time here on this subject with your anecdotal notations of a subject matter you feel biased about. Our nazi government is the reason for this atrocity. And they need held accountable and the people like you out there are only delaying the inevitable. I wish you the best and harbor no ill feelings but science has proved i have witnessed with my own eyez that this is not a natural biological life form. But something artificially created and infused with a biological organism designed to infect its host on a massive scale and change our dna altering not but the future generations of our children into something that has the potential to end humanity as a whole. Good luck too you and when the day comes you are afflicted. With this technological bioweapon just know the only way were going to be able to correct this jis by creating a retrovirus that can genetically rewrite the changed genome sequences within Our bodies to reverse the changes this has caused us. But that could take years.. Years i dont think we have. And thats why the government should be held accountable.. They wouldnt create something that could affect Them.. They have the cure. Locked away along with all the others for cancers and other diseases they dont want us to have.. Theres no money in life, our deaths bring them profit with Pharnacuticals and other things.. Help stop the damage not enable deception within. Farewell

    • One thing. I got my first weird place in 1989, the year my son was born. I used to have a polaroid of us when he was first born and you could clearly see it. After about 2 years, it went away and came back exactly opposite that side. Then I noticed my skin when injured wouldn’t heal right. Either way too fast or years. As time wore on they started cropping up on their own. Tons of creams and oinments later, nothing has worked.

  2. I’m not on either side of this; I’ve recently become aware of this condition. However, I would never share this article to someone who believes counter to its content. There are no sources, no studies, just the author standing on a soapbox preaching blog sourced information like the nanotech believers.

  3. I truly appreciate your opinions on these matters.

    I like many others wonder exactly what this morgellons is, biotech seems the last suspicion for me but still a semi viable theory.

    For me I think this may have to do with some other phenomena, bacteria and viruses compounding metals and other silicate like structures is quite considerable, however I feel very strange about viruses already.

    Something alien, not ET necessarily, is happening that’s a fact.

  4. To say the CAUSE isn’t from the USE of nanotechnology is not accurate. When we began using lead paint and asbestos we didn’t know the repercussions. Therein lies the problem. We use medicines like Levaquin that can cripple and kill. We KNOW this NOW YET CONTINUE TO HAVE IT PRESCRIBED. Lyme Disease is seemingly connected. Lyme, CT. Near to Groton, CT where there is a military base. A base that experimented with diseases. Germ warfare germs. Coincidence? The CDC posted info about Morgellons. Then they removed it. Then they reposted it saying it would be examined by the MILITARY. Then ALL OF US were DELUSIONAL and then we weren’t. The LOOK of the particles we are shredding our tissues look likr nano rods, etc. My particular award winning piece was a PERFECTLY SHAPED SPRING. I didn’t know they made these at the time. I cried. See APTOS SPRING. You know what is required to make nano particles? VLS. Vapor/Liquid/Solid. Also know as US.

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