Livestream event with Special Guest, Gregory Smith M.D. FAAP

Joining us live from the 11th Annual Morgellons Disease Conference, Dr. Smith was one of the founders of The New Morgellons Order, which became The Charles Holman Foundation after Charles’ untimely death.

Dr. Smith first became sick with Morgellons skin lesions in May, 2004. Neurological symptoms started in December, 2004 which progressed to a debilitating movement disorder. Additionally, he also developed overwhelming fatigue, brain fog, and significant cognitive difficulties. He had to quit work in May, 2005, and formally retired a year later.

Dr. Smith started antibiotics in December, 2005, took IV ceftriaxone for 4 months, then oral antibiotics for 12 additional months and finally took antibiotics for about 5 years after that to feel fairly normal again.

Currently he is the Associate Director of the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation, and also serves on the Medical Advisory Panel.

1 Can you tell us who you are and a bit about yourself?
2 How long have you had Morgellons?
3 When did you realize what it was and how did it make you feel?
4 What serologic results are associated with Morgellons?
5 How did your experience with medicine affect your perception of what was happening to you?
6 Did you have a bad experience professionally because of Morgellons?
7 How does Morgellons affect a patients self esteem?
8 Is Morgellons associated with cigarette smoking and second hand cigarette smoke?
9 Do stimulant drugs make the symptoms worse, do they make patients fixated on the symptoms?
10 What makes people reject the fact that it is associated with Lyme bacteria?
11 Is there a skin test that can reveal Lyme bacteria for Morgellons patients and how does one get their doctor to order it?
12 Are people who have kids with Morgellons in danger of having their kids taken away?
13 Do you see yourself moving beyond Morgellons?